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Thread: TPM on dvd

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    So what's the verdict on the DVD???

    I, obviously, haven't gotten the DVD as of this posting, but I was wondering who has and what they think of it. My friend ordered it on-line for my birthday for overnight delivery- I believe it was sent out yesterday and scheduled to arrive today.

    What's the word out there from those who have already gotten this bad boy in their hands?
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    I don't know, I'm still playing the Lucasarts game demo that Best Buy gave away to the first hundred customers. You couldn't believe all the people from different walks of life that were there to get this this morning. It was like a mini-midnight madness sale, only held at 10. A.M. Quick question, why do stores, when they know there is something everyone is lined up out side waiting to get, open 10 minutes late? Do they do it on purpose? Are they in there laughing? I bet they are.
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    I used to work at Best Buy and I guarantee they were doing that. We used to joke all the time as people walked in "Hurry! There's going to be a run on printer ink!" or "Thank god we've got 2000 copies of Episode 1!" Believe me, they ARE doing it on purpose...

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    I don't understand why people do that...I've always tried to be helpful and not a total ***

    Anyways, the Dvd, itself, is great. I am not a huge fan of the movie itself; between Jar Jar and all of the juvenile humor throughout the movie, it's hard at times to watch...

    the good: the trailers and the tv spots (I love those tv spots and had only seen a couple when they were on the air - the Maul one is great) ; the deleted scenes are ok with the ones in the podrace that were reincorporated into the movie work very well, IMO. The fx for the completed scenes exclusively for the Dvd are good, not great - the best of the bunch is the 'waterfall' scene, with the worst being the 'at Dawn' one. On a personal note, the shot with the Tusken raider shooting at the Jawas is really funny and should have been left in the final cut!

    the great: the doc, 'The Beginning' is fantastic and is more enjoyable than the movie itself - really shows that these are not easy movies to make...the ending showing us, the fans, is a little scary

    the bad: well, the movie is an awsome transfer, but Lucas left in Jar Jar and all of his lame-arse humor
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    They did leave out some really cool stuff. What the hell is wrong with Lucas? Some of this stuff should definitely be in the regular movie.
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    Cool TPM on dvd

    it is sooooooooooooo cool! the deleted scense are on the 2nd cd, and they are very awsome! we will be haveing a dvd rom instaled (maybe today)...
    i'll try to see what is on the secret website!

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    The making of The Phantom Menace was very cool. Although, the only thing I could think of the entire way through was that Rick McCallum sure does have a potty mouth. Boy he was bleeped a lot.
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    "The Beginning" featurette was supurb. Seeing all the fans around the country heading into the theaters brought back wonderful memories. Plus seeing Lucas's emotions throughout made me realize things about movie making I never saw before.

    This DVD, IMO, does the movie great justice. Very, very, very good. A must have for Star Wars fans, even if you hated TPM, theres plenty to keep you entertained.
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    OK ENOUGH ABOUT HOW GOOD THE DVD IS. WHO EVER HAS SEEN THE DVD ROM FEATURE PLEASE FESS UP. Some of us don't have DVD ROMS and would like to know what the straight poop is.

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    there is nothing there on the web link except a message of "technical difficulties". either it isn't ready yet or we crashed the site!


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