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    Post Star Wars AOTC Checklist

    There are many lists out there of course, and many of you won't need this at all. I've been keeping a list for my own evil purposes but figured I'd spread the wealth. If anyone needs a quick and dirty listing of AOTC figs check it out.

    I update it often. Enjoy.

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    Why is Padme #41, but is getting released after the Teemto wave? Same for the Chewie wave being released after Djas & Co.
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    Indeed! I wish I knew! I've been checking Ebay, Rebelscum, and Sirsteves here constantly to make sure the #'s are all correct.

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    I think it's bcause these where made first, it doesn't neccesarily have to be released first to be put on the list first.
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    it's because ephant mon and padme' have bigger bubbles (so i have heard) and can only be shipped wit a few other figures.
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    Why would Padme have a bigger bubble?
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    Padmé should have a bigger bubble, because she has a giant frickin' radar dish atop a giant frickin' pole thing.
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    I've seen it now, what a stupid idea putting a radar dish in with it!
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    Originally posted by Jek Porky 2002
    I've seen it now, what a stupid idea putting a radar dish in with it!
    That may be the only reason the dish is packed in. To bulk it up so it will ship well with the Ephant Mon. haha.
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    What is the Endor Soldier 2? I haven't heard of him yet
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