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    New Tusken Raider?

    Is the Tusken Raider with Massif just the POTJ Tusken Raider?
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    Yep, afraid so.

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    How cheap, I never thought Hasbro would stoop this low, this meens the Tusken and the Massif are just old figures re-packaged, why bother waiting I might buy another Massif with Geonosian and another POTJ Tusken Raider and put them together(Joke!).

    Seriously though, the way that the Tuskens arms are possitioned, we might be abled to possition it holding the leash with two hands.
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    The one redeeming quality of it though, is that it does give a chance for those who didn't get the POTJ Tusken to finally get one. Also, its a generic army builder, so the more the merrier.
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    The problem is, the tusken looks pretty bad standing there without his gun. Hasblow should have at least put a new arm on him.
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    a magnetic head too
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    So has it been confirmed if the head is removable or not? Admittedly, if it's not, that is quite crappy. But'll be good for some people.
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    I doubt it for it is a collection 2 figure........ That would have been soooo cool!!! It would be exactly like Jango FB!
    Why couldn't they of just did that then it will be worth buying!!!
    Why does Hasbro put in gimmicks that we don't want and then doesn't put in a gimmick that we do want!?!?!!?
    I guess I'll still get him...

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    The problem is, the tusken looks pretty bad standing there without his gun. Hasblow should have at least put a new arm on him.

    If you look at the back of the Tusken card, it appears that there is a new (but slightly crude) bicep cut.
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    The POTJ Tusken Raider is one of among the current best Tusken Raider sculpt. If you want the Tusken Raider to have a weapon then take a rifle from the Episoce 1 accessory packs, the Gaffi stick from the Tusken Mother and let her walk the Massiff doggy, or you take the Gaffi stick for the rifle from TA Anakin.
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