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    Destroyer Droid Should Be Droideka

    Who thinks that the Destroyer Droid figure for the Saga line should be called Droideka, the only reason that the EpI version was called Destroyer was because that was what they where origionaly going to be called, but changed at the last minute, so this time should it be Droideka?
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    The Neimoidians refer to them as 'Droideka's' but Obi-Wan says to Qui-Gon "Look master - destroyers!" or something similar.
    So both terms are relevent. The correct name on the packaging should read 'Droideka (Destroyer Droid) Arena battle' or something like that. But it's a really minor issue in terms of renaming something. Mostly everyone refers to them as destroyers so that's probably the way they will always be remembered.

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    I see your point Jargo.
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    Still i think droideka, I think that "destroyer" would be Jedi slang for the droids like the rogues refer to interceptors as "squints" or bombers as "dupes". But still I think it'd be cool if it were labeled Droideka as its actual name.
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    They're Destroyer Droids, but to be lazy Rune calls them Droidekas. Do you want him to be strict and have to have extra scene time just fit in "Where are those Destroyer Droids?!?!"
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    i think its cause kids wouldn't be able to pronounce droidekas to there parents...
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    Yeah the name Destroyer droid is getting old, Droideka sounds cooler.

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    Well at least some people are agreeing with me!
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    six of one half dozen of another. call it what ever you what i will still get one.

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    At least they're not calling them 'wheel droids'.

    The canon explanation isn't clear about the difference in reference, so it's safe to say that 'destroyer droid' is the common name for them, where 'droideka' is the manufacturer's label.

    There are probably a few dozen destroyer droid models in the galaxy, but for the movies, we're just concerned with this one; thus the generic name.
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