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    Battle Droids Based On Geonosian?

    In the Episode I Visual Dictionary, it says that the design of the battle droids is based on what a Niemoidian looks like when it dies, but now we've found out in Episode II that there are being built on Geonosis, does this mean that they are based on Geonosians, they look like them, with thier long face and thin features.
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    I heard somewhere that Lucas changed his min about who the battle droids look like. I think he wanted them to look like the ones who created them (the geonosians).

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    So I was right, Yipee!
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    The Geonosians are sooooo cool.
    So did the Geonosians make the battle droids in episode 1?

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    I don't see the resemblence of the Battle Droids and Geonosians except for the thin necks and long faces.

    If a Neimodian looks like that when it dies then that is one killer diet!
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    Originally, the Neimoidians looked very different and the current battle droid design was based around them. However, Lucas wanted different Neimoidians so their original design got recycled into the Geonosians when Ep 2 came about.
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    Originally posted by Geonosian
    The Geonosians are sooooo cool.
    So did the Geonosians make the battle droids in episode 1?
    I think so, it's just no one new it at the time.
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    I see....


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