Okay. I have missed these figures time and time again. At one point I didn't know that they were even being offered. Then I read about them in Toyfare, but there weren't any around this area, or any place out of town that I went to. And I had thought about getting some online, but prices were too high.
Well, I've just seen the movie (which kinda sucked, but it's resparked my interest in the video game - which is what they should have copied to make the movie ) and I need to know what figures were released by Palisades for Resident Evil. I know there were some exclusives, and I'm not really worried about those. Just basic figures.
I know of: Claire Redfield, Zombie Cop, Mr. X, and Alexia from Series Two; and I think I have a Toyfare story about what's coming out for 3, but does anyone know what was in Series One?
If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it.