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  • The TIE Interceptor rules the skies!

    78 48.75%
  • It's the TIE Bomber all the way!

    82 51.25%
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    What's up with this vote? Is EP the only TIE/I supporter who's brave enough to admit his vote? This was such a no vote. IMO it comes down to the following:

    1) New sculpt v. resculpt
    2) Blast-off panels vs. gravity bombs
    3) Wobbly panels vs. more stable ones

    We all want new stuff, stuff that fires missles and other active weapons, and better made toys.

    The final score here is 3-0.

    Now, if the TIE/I had a raising cockpit and electronics...
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    Counting just posts, the TIE Bomber is winning 8-1 (with chrisc's vote kind of up in the air but not really affecting the vote either way)

    The poll is showing a completely reversed standing right now, with the TIE-Int winning 50-42. I don't mind people voting for the Int, but at least post and explain your reasoning or this will become another botched poll.
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    I actually don't have either one of these, so I voted for the one I thought looked best. TIE Interceptor, The Bomber never did much for me. Not all people like explaining their votes, I like to just vote and get out instead of explaining myself, because sometimes I don't have a real good reason worth writing. I just like 1 over the other

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    The TIE bomber is my vote. I dont have either but it is the first attempt at the TIE bomber and it looks good. Im not sure but the TIE interceptor seems to be close to the original mold(I hope it doesnt have that god awful thing sticking out of its back.

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    Tie bomber is way cooler! it is slower but can take a better beating and wipe the interceptor out with only one bomb!
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    I voted for the Interceptor. It's design always intreged me from the movies where as the Bomber never seemed to have the agility that i thought it should. Of course I'm basing my decision purely on asthetics and imagination.
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    Looks like the bomber has come from behind and overtaken the Interceptor, but not by much!

    This is going to be a close one.

    The poll will also likely overlap the last fight of the Semi-Finals, as this classic starfighter match started late due to Comic Con and I'd like to get the last battle started on time between this Thursday and Friday's "fight night."

    But right now it's anyone's guess which will win - the TIE Interceptor or the TIE Bomber.

    And it's a good bet that one of them could feasibly do well and even come out of the Finals to make it to the Championship intact!

    I'd say that SSG's Battle of the Machines is still going to be interesting!
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