The ultimate Dog Fight will be settled tonight as the last of the Classic Starfighters still left flying, duke it out for the title of Top Gun!

It's time for the TIE Interceptor to take on the TIE Bomber in an all-out match to settle which is the best!

The Galactic Empire’s TIE Interceptor features highly detailed sculpted solar panels, split in two, with each tip mounted with a laser cannon designed to let the pilot capture a target in a crossfire between at least 2 cannons at any time. At the touch of a button, either solar panel can be ejected off to simulate battle damage to recreate the climactic clash over the Death Star II. The Interceptor also includes one pilot figure, a slight variation of the TIE Fighter Pilot collectors found carded a few years ago. The TIE Interceptor beat the Rebellion's X-wing Fighter 125-105, to hold 54% of the vote over that craft. It previously defeated the A-wing in its Preliminary Match.

The Imperial Navy's TIE BOMBER was only just released about three months ago. It is getting harder to locate for many collectors who never found this ship, though online stores seem to have obtained a stock of them. Meanwhile, a brand new original body sculpt featuring twin body-pods and great details contributes to this first-time ever offering of this awesome vehicle from "The Empire Strikes Back!" The ship is quite a good sized vehicle and features an opening cockpit that holds one TIE Pilot action figure that's included! The difference between this figure and the carded one released in 1996 would be jointed knees, but it's equivalent to the pilot that comes with this year's Toys R Us exclusive, the Interceptor. Meanwhile, the TIE Bomber is a Wal*Mart Exclusive that makes a blast on the collectors' sites with 3 detailed plasma bombs that are gravity activated from a firing control on top of the ship's weapons module! The TIE Bomber defeated Darth Vader's advanced TIE Fighter 91-76 to be here. It also carried about 54% of the vote in its victory. Prior to that, the Bomber knocked the B-wing out of the competition before moving on to the Quarterfinals.

Now which will be the ultimate Top Gun?

The TIE Interceptor or the TIE Bomber?

You decide!