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    "Jedi Training" lightsaber by TOMY of Japan

    I ran a search to see if this has been covered, please forgive me if it has.

    Everybody knows about the Anakin-style lightsaber from Japan, right? With the motion-sensors and whatnot? And I reckon it'll be sold in the US later on this year (as Entertainment Earth's pre-sell would lead me to believe). But have any of you guys got it now? Details on it are few and far between, I just want to know if it's as cool as it appears to be. How long the 'blade' is, if the 'blade's as thick in diameter as the regular Hasbro 'sabers, etc.

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    I have heard it's NOT coming to the US. I don't know about EE's pre-sell, but I'll assume it's either an import or they're talking about the Master Replicas one. Steve covered this item during the Tokyo Toy Show this year and it looked mighty impressive, but not headed to our shores. If anybody hears anything different, post here 'cause I wanna know too.
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    Here's the EE link...

    From the picture they've got there, zoomed in, I can't spot any of the Japanese text that appears on the TOMY box (which would indicate it is an import). Hmm...this is interesting.

    edit - Another thread on a different forum concerning the Tomy lightsaber - it's got a nice side-by-side comparison of the Tomy lightsaber with Hasbro, Rubies and machined models. Looks pretty cool to me.
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