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    really really hard question

    [SIZE=4] ok, i need a really really hard question, abut star wars to stump an old friend of mine, but it has to be v.hard, coz he is v.good, can you help me??
    it can be anything about star wars, ok.
    thanks :happy:

    p.s check out the piccy, it is one of my favourite parts of AotC when he does this
    hayden christensen's girl, at your service

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    What items of questionable taste hang from the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon.


    Or better yet.

    Name 2 sets of characters. One appears in A New Hope that only appears in a New Hope that has a direct connection to someone in Return of the Jedi that only appears in Return of the Jedi.

    Admiral Ackbar was Grand Moff Tarkin's personal slave.
    Figrin Bran of the Cantina Band was a brother to Barquin Dan in the Max Rebo band at Jabbas palace.
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    hayden christensen's girl, at your service

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    hayden christensen's girl, at your service
    So then, aren't you really at Hayden's service?

    Welcome to the forums!

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    Yes indeed, welcome to our little asylum.
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    Ive stumped many "experts" with the standby: Name the weapon of choice for a Tusken Raider.

    A. Gaderffi Stick. Gets em every time.

    Also try the docking bay number where the Falcon is parked in Mos Eisley, awaiting Obi Wan and Luke to join it and it's crew?

    A. 94 (easily remembered, as 94 is also the first regular issue of Uncanny X-Men featuring the new members, and Chris Claremont's writing - like you care).

    Good luck. If he answers correctly, tell him to join the forums here. If not, tell him to join the forums here anyway.

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    no, because i am haydens girl, come to be at your service, got me, it is just like saying, i am john smith ( example) at you service, acept i say hayden's_hunny, but i am at his service any time he wants me to be, i am working on it!!
    hayden christensen's girl, at your service

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    How many people played Vader? (

    1. Jake Lloyd
    2. Some other guy
    3. David Prowse
    4. Sebastian Shaw
    5. Bob Andersen (the stunt guy who does most of the saber duels in ESB and ROJ)
    6. James Earl Jones (voice)
    7. The guy that played him in the interactive video game.

    He'll never get this right. The trick is to modify the list so his answer is wrong. If he says seven, say "technically jake and hayden played Anakin, not vader" or say "technically JEJ only did voice over." And everybody forgets Bob Anderson (or they don't know about him) so you'll always be right and he'll always get it wrong.

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    I have a good one that even Caesar would appreciate.

    What is the shade of brown on Rick McCallum's nose?
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    Name the one species in the cantina that is seen with both human hands and/or alien hands?


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