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    Target exclusive Death Star Accessory Pack. Why is the Mouse droid so HUGE???

    Ok, for those of you that have found the Target accessory packs, Hasblow decided to double the size of the Mouse droid. My guess is so it was easier to make the motorized feature. To me it looks like a 12" figure. Other than that the pack is cool.
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    Have you got any pictures?

    I hate it when they double the size of things to make them motorized.
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    Sorry for the bad pic, but as you can see the droid is much bigger than the one that came with the POTF2 Death Star droid
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    You Shouldn't believe everything that you read.
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    Crickey, that thing's huge!
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    that's terrible.

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    Just like the buttons and levers on the Saga figures, the droid is only bigger to accomodate its action feature.

    But you could always glue the rack to him and make him a rifle courier droid.
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    Yeah, that mouse droid is so big they could almost put it on a card by itself. On the topic of the accessory packs though, I just found all 4 today and I love those things. The best has to be the Endor pack - trenchcoat for Han, helmet drumset, drumsticks, non-gummy plastic detonators, it just all rules. The only way they could have made it better is if the Scout Trooper it comes with would have been the "clean" version, but that's just a minor gripe, really.

    Side note: I also found the 4 Action Fleet packs, as well as all of the new Masters of the Universe stuff. Needless to say, I needed a shopping cart to haul all of my toys to the register. It was a good day for toy hunting.

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    You could sit the trooper on that.

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    The mouse droid size doesn't matter to me, more bang for the buck. Who's to say there weren't bigger versions that would go on battle field searches or for the bigger bases?
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    There could have been, but this one is supposed to be the one we see.
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