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    Whats The Worst POTF Figure?

    Based on an old mighty thread of mine Whats The Worst POTF Figure?


    There are heaps of bad figures out there that you think,how they hell did they get made???

    One of these Figures is R5-D4 with Firing Missile!

    and R2 with Launching Lightsaber was pretty bad!

    What is the Worst POTF Figure made?
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    "Monkey face" Leia
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    All Han Solos before the COMMTECH Han.

    Darth Vader (1995)

    All R2's before the COMMTECH one


    Stormtrooper (1995)

    ASP Droid

    SE Jabba
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    The first wave leia was just terrible. Also, I remember Luke looking like a scrawny teenager and not like He-man. The first wave Luke had Its issuses.

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    Bleeeeech! I have to say "He-Man" Luke Skywalker...stupid and ugly too!

    next in line is the scanner crew figure. That itty-bitty head can't be good for sinuses.
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    Lightbulb Ah-ha!

    Monkey face Leia! My mother said that she looks like Chewbacca! I agree!
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    The ancient thread that keeps coming up.

    My take - as always - a tie between Monkey Face Leia and Lando.

    If SOTE is counted, the Snoova Chewie overtakes Lando

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    the master jedi
    It's a tie between buff Luke and monkey faced Leia.

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    for me, as bad as the R5-D4 with launching missile was, the R2 with launching lightsaber was just awful.

    No R2 should give Dirk Diggler a run for his money!

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    Originally posted by Amanamatt
    No R2 should give Dirk Diggler a run for his money!
    Imagine R2 "thinking" Dirk's monologue about being "a star" right before launching that saber to Luke . . .

    That flashback R2 really is awful. The vintage one (while not that great itself) had its rarity going for it, so this remake had potential. It's not the worst POTF2, but to me it was one of the most disappointing.


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