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    Any word on who the Data look alike is? New creation? LORE?!?!?!?.......perhaps?
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    Check my spoiler thread and I will post an answer there.
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    Originally posted by billfremore
    Hey there's a simple rule to follow for all Star Trek films...

    Odd numbered films suck.

    Even numbered ones rock!

    I really don't agree with the old even/odd numbered thing myself. I really enjoy Search for Spock, especially if you watch it right after The Wrath of Khan, they just flow together nicely. I also think The Voyage Home is the most overated film of the bunch. For me it was to much humor and not enough Star Trek. Plus it took place in the past and even though it was the first movie to have the time travel aspects in it I'm so tired of that type of plotline it just doesn't hold up well IMO.
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    Search for Spock is the only odd numbered one that possibly throws off this theory.

    But the argument's pretty strong for the rest...


    The Motion Picture - oh no! were being attacked by the hubble telescope or whatever it was

    The Final Frontier - Who decided this was a good script and who said Shatner could direct?

    Generations - Hey we've been sucked into a temporal anomaly. What an original plot for Star Trek.

    Insurrection - Oh look Picard now has the ability to stop time. I love realistic Science Fiction.
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    I too liked TSFS a lot too. I also like TVH, but it was a humor movie. I mean haveing the crew walk around SF in the late 80's, that's funny. From Krik saying double dumb @$$ to Checkov saying Nuclear Wesels. Humor, thy name be Star Trek IV. Still it wasn't that much about Star Trek. It didn't have a lot to do with anything. It wraped up the Spok story line nicely, but that happened in the first 10 minutes of the movie. Spok still haveing a bit of a memory laps was just for laughs and didn't have to be there. The movie itself turned out nicely and was just forgotten in the next 2.5 movie (Genisus is only about Kirk half the time).

    So, in the grand sceem of things TVH isn't that great, but it's still an intertaining movie. Just like an humerous episode of the show (new or old) it's entertaining and then you move on.
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    During the trailer, did Data actually run out of an open ship into space?

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    Originally posted by Caesar
    During the trailer, did Data actually run out of an open ship into space?
    It would appear that way in the trailer Caesar, when the movie comes out it could be a different story though.


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