I just got back from seeing the movie Signs and I was treated to the trailer for the 10th Star Trek movie NEMESIS. First off let me say that I am a ST fan but think the majority of the movies are somewhat lacking. Don't get me wrong I enjoy them all but I expect more from a movie than just a dressed up 2 hr. episode of the Next Generation.
I think this movie is going to be the one fans like myself have been waiting for. First off it looks EXTREMELY DARK, and the new race of villans look like they're straight out of the movie Dark City.
From the looks of it I'd say there is a large amount of action and without giving to much away I'd say some self sacrifice on the part of the crew. Since this is the final voyage of this crew I'd expect some major shakeups and dare I say it DEATH. Not since The Wrath of Khan have I been this excited about a ST movie and I have a feeling most of you will agree once you have a chance to view this trailer. If you have seen it already or want to comment on anything I've mentioned here post a reply I'm curious to see what evryone thinks.