I visited a buddy on my way back from SDCC, and he had a copy of Dragon's Lair in a dvd jewel case, so I picked it and asked to borrow it. This can play in almost every Dvd machine and also on PS2, using your remote with the up/down,side/side, and enter buttons acting as the controls. My access of the game on the PS2 is quite quick, with just the slightest pause between interactions. As a kid (and I guess to this day), I always loved the original Arcade game. Over the years, various versions have been released, but always with screens missing or the like. This is the exact version on the Arcade, with the only difference being that the screens are in the same order and don't rotate as they did in the arcade.

I visited their web site, and they also have Dragon's Lair 2, and Space Ace.

I'm just mentioning this for anyone who also loves these games, this is worth the dough, IMO!