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    Robes, robes, robes!
    We needs the robes!

    Yeah, I thought about this in April when they came out. And once I saw Anakin's cloak, man what a loss. I am going to custom make some, but I would have rather paid an extra $3 or $4 for one from Hasbro.

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    DEJAVU! I swore there was a thread about this very subject already.

    Well, since Dooku came with a cape, and Ki-Adi came with his version of a robe, I think there is still hope we could see something from Hasbro in the near future.

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    The clothes are very accurate - two-ply right now. I don't cry for underwear. Don't cry for overwear.

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    Robes don't just cover from the rain... they make the man. While underwear go unnoticed from the casual viewer, robes demand attention. A necessity in the Jedi figure. It is okay to leave off of a 3 3/4" figure for arena accuracey. Variations based on clothing changes so simple would be too costly and a waste. But, 12" figures can be dressed and undressed by the collector. So... Hasbro should give us the robes and let us choose how to display them. Anything less is cheating the dedicated collectors.
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    Why is it Hasbro can sell a more detailed GI JOE doll for $7.99 and we have to pay $19.99 for a less detailed Star Wars figure?
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    Originally posted by Master Goeweins
    Hasbro should give us the robes and let us choose how to display them. Anything less is cheating the dedicated collectors.
    Here, here, Master Goeweins! Here, here!
    Not only do the robes make the man, they definitely make the Jedi!
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    Angry New 12" = Garbage

    Just came from the Toys R' Us in Woodbridge NJ, They had the new 12" Anakin and Padme as well as the Geonsian Warrior.

    Padme looks like a glorified Barbie but extremely out of proportion. Her head looks like a giant walnut on a Barbie body. Had high hopes for this figure since the past 12" of Padme and Queen Amidala were pretty damn good. Oh well, leave it to Hasbro to ruin something good.

    Anakin makes Primal Scream Mace Windu look like an exceptional figure. Comes with two lightsaber, a removable arm with replacment droid arm. Costume looks better than the first yet it all comes down to the face, Hi can we say

    The Geonsian Warrior from what i saw looks somewhat decent, some big collector guy was holding six of each character, had the last one.

    If this is what Hasbro has in store for the rest of the Saga 12" line, they will have alot of left over product. Hasbro needs a new revamp team and someone who knows what we the fans crave.
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    Can you say, soon to be moved to the 12" section...

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    The Geonsian Warrior from what i saw looks somewhat decent
    the geo warrior is awesome. it actually looks like a minature from the film. but you're correct, the other two are really bad. i'd love to have a meeting with the people in charge of hasbro's 12 inch line. it's almost like they are trying to kill the line.

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    I've noticed the last wave or two of 12" figures hasn't sold as well as previous lines. The shelves at my local TRU are overstocked with figures.

    I agree with DarkArtist: Padme looks like a glorified Barbie doll and the head is out of proportion with the rest of the body.


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