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    With the 12" line, I've been using my discretion and picking and choosing which ones look decent.
    That being said, I only own two 12" figures. One being Dooku and the other being Ultimate Villian Jango Fett. Both of these are very good, IMO, but they do have their problems.

    I had never wanted to collect the 12" before these figures, so I guess that's saying something about where the line is going. But I do agree that a lot of the new ones look like crap, and that's sad to say. I mean, at that scale, there shouldn't be very many problems with likenesses, yet there are (like the Padme you're mentioning).

    I'm only going to buy a few more myself, like Plo Koon, Ki-Adi Mundi, and the KB Clone Troopers. But I really don't think I'll be going any further than that. And with current 3 3/4" releases, I'm starting to adopt that position. Hasbro's gotta turn something around...

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    I, too, am discrete when it comes to purchasing the 12" line. I've picked up all of the Leias (excluding the bounty hunter Leia but I will get when it becomes more available), Obi Wan and other ones that look cool. I wish I'd bought the first three bounty hunters, just 'cause they're different.

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    I completely agree, but let me add this:

    Old 12" = Garbage

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again - the Star Wars license deserves far better treatment in the 1/6 scale format than Hasbro has ever given it. These could be much bigger sellers than they are if Hasbro would just put a little effort into them as far as articulation, detail, quality, and especially accuracy. Compare them with any other 12 inch figure line and tell me you don't see a problem here.

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    Re: New 12" = Garbage

    Originally posted by DarkArtist
    The Geonsian Warrior from what i saw looks somewhat decent, some big collector guy was holding six of each character, had the last one.
    Collector guy.....HAH! What you saw was a scalper - no collector buys 6 each of the 12". Look for these on e-bay very soon.

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    The new Anakin and Padme look horrible. I was dissapointed as hell when I saw these at TRU. Hasbro blew these 2 big time. The headsculpts are soo bad. And Padme's body, what were they thinking? Even her belt looks terrible!
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    Originally posted by Mace Windex
    Why is it Hasbro can sell a more detailed GI JOE doll for $7.99 and we have to pay $19.99 for a less detailed Star Wars figure?
    Because Hasbro owns the GI-Joe line (No license fee) and they pay Lucas millions for the SW license.
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    Although I haven't purchased him yet, the highest quality 12" figure I've seen is Dooku. Too bad Hasbro can't have all the 12" at that standard.


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