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    Dear Hasbro, why did you screw up the Ep II 12 inch figures?

    The title says it all.
    Actually, my main complaint is the lack of Jedi Robes on these figures. For $20 a pop they SHOULD come with them. Anakin definately needs his. And Obi-wan wore his Jedi robe for most of the film! C/mon Hasbro!!! Spend the few extra cents!!
    What's with MAce Windu's eyes? Is he Chinese? The Episode I version is much better!

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    I agree totally here. Hasbro could've done a whole lot better here. With todays market, cheap is not the way to go. Cost cutting is not the way to go. For the price they are asking for these things, one would expect these figures to be top notch. The likenesses are horrible (sans Jango and Dooku) and as anyone can see, they are collecting alot of dust on the shelves. For the fans who are collecting these 12" scale figures, there is a level of quality that needs to be met.
    The accessories are mild.........lightsabers are good, I will say that. The, could be better. Like Mace Windex says, where are the robes?? At least the Episode II figs came with their robes.
    What about these likenesses? I thought Hasbro was using real scan for these things?? Take Obi Wan. He does NOT look like Ewan McGregor. Paint his hair black, he looks like 'Al' from "Home Improvement"(TV show). I won't even address Anakin or Zam.

    C'mon Hasbro. I am glad you finally realized that the GI Joe "HOF" bodies you have been using are the worst insult to Star Wars collectors you could have made. Now you are using the newer bodies with poseablilty. Guess you finally saw that almost EVEVRYONE was already doing that themselves.

    We are a very precise collector. We like accuracy, along with attention to details. Make us happy, then you will see more $$$. Better scale. Better likenesses. Look at other companies like Dragon and BBi. They can do it. It costs more, but most of us are willing to pay it. I know I am.

    I am eagerly waiting for Plo Koon......he should look good, plus there is no likeness to screw up really. Doing the Jedi Council could make you a fortune, or if done badly, could ruin your business. Do it right folks.

    My two cents.

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    I do have to mention that I am 100% satisfied with Ki Adi Mundi in 12 inch form! The detail is fantastic and he even seems to be in proper proportions. Also, Ki is never seen wearing Jedi robes as his "robe" is built in to his regular outfit.
    Ki and Jango are the only two accurate (although Jango's head is a bit large) EP II 12 inch figs so far. Can't wait to see Dooku though.
    PS Anyone notice that the saber hilts are larger on EP II figs?
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    Anyone notice that the saber hilts are larger on EP II figs?
    Yeah, I noticed that. I also agree on the robe issue, but I'm sure the rest of the council will have'em.

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    I think this sentiment has been expressed by all the 12" collectors in various threads! Why, Oh Why did they not include the robes? This seems almost like the most obvious necessity for the Jedi. I mean, ever since the first time we saw Obi Wan in ANH, it was all about the robe!

    Hasbro should make up for this by selling an accessory pack of robes for Mace, Windu, and Obi. And start including them for the rest!

    It Is All About the ROBES!

    ...and a little bit of lightsaber.....

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    I just pulled the robe off of my EPISODE I Obi-Wan and slapped it on my AOTC version. I also repainted his face and it looks a heck of a lot more like Ewan. I am now pleased...
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    Do you have any pics to share of your repainted Obi-wan? What kind of paint do you use?

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    I'll have to get some pics of it... The eyebrows are really the part that clinched it. Ewan's got that furrow and arch thing going on.

    I used a vinyl paint that you can get at craft stores. People use them to paint the craft doll heads, so it was perfect.
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    I too believe that Hasbro messed up the 12" line for AOTC, my main argument is where is Yoda, and as most people have said where are the Jedi robes, Obi Wan's from ep1 looks ok on the AOTC figure but the colour is off and I am trying to get a good photo of Anakin in his so I can make one for his figure. My only hope as someone who collects only the 12" figures is that Hasbro and I hope they are listening do an Anakin on Swoop with robe, and an Obi Wan as Jedi pilot with robe and headset and of course a new Yoda. I would definitely like to see more AOTC 12" figures.

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    That's what we need are robes. They'd do so much for the line, and yet they're so little (not a pun). And maybe someone could show Mace Windu one of those Feed the Children commercials so he'd quit that goofy GRINNING. GEEZE. I'm in the (ill-advised, if you've seen my processes ) process of painting my Mace's eyes so that maybe the grin looks more maniacal and creepy than moronic and embarrassing. Hope it works.
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