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    Any plans for new 12" figures from classic trilogy due out?

    See subject =)
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    Well, later this year we have the following. Zuckess, Dengar, Imperial Officer, Luke w/ TaunTaun (TRU), Princess Leia: Boushh w/ Carbonite Block (TRU). And there is always next year, when we will see more classic in 4" and 12".

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    That Luke with Tauntaun looks fantastic. Too bad I don't have room for the Tauntaun and a $60 hit on my credit account.
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    What about the 12" Leia/Speederbike? That's been rumored for quite awhile now, is that going to finally make an appearance at some point?
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    It doesn't look like it will be in the next 12 months. I couldn't see them putting out two Leia figures in such a short span of time.
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    Has anyone one heard about the 12" Max Rebo Band lately?

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    12" Max Rebo Band would be AWESOME!!!!!
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    I've been eagerly awaiting the Dengar and Zuckuss as well as the new TRU Boushh Leia for over a year now when they were originally slated for release. I haven't heard much about the Boushh fig in awhile and I'm getting antsy here. The Rebo Band would be a great idea...heard that rumor myself awhile back and am waiting to see what will come of it. FInally, the Endor Leia/Speederbike....waiting forever for this one. Anyone have any updates on any of these with the exception of Dengar and Zuckuss?

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    Is it safe to say that Zuckuss is AWESOME?

    I can't wait for this Guy. He looks great. I might even open him. I don't know about old Dengar, but I think I'll open all the bounty hunters and set them up as in the Empire scene.
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    I can't wait for Zuckess and Dengar either. Zuckess looks like a wonderful sculpt, and is right up there with Bossk in quality. I've pretty much quit collecting the 12" line, except for ones I like. The Bounty Hunters and Dooku are the only ones that I am buying the entire year. I have to get around to selling all my old ones that I don't like one of these days.

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