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    Geonosian Picador with Orray Petition and Appreciation Thread

    Hasbro has been doing a pretty good job making figures for our Geonosian Arena diaramas. We have lots of Jedi, tons of Droids and Geonosians all the beasts.......expect one The ORRAY!!! I have created a Petition to have the Geonosian Picador with Orray to be made and I need you to sign and pass it on! If you think theres a rumor, sign anyway because rumors aren't true Help me out people! Sign it now. This means alot to me and it should to you.
    Thanks guys!!

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    You said it, Geonosian! We need that Orray! And you can never have too many Geo's! It'd be cool if it came with that chariot thing!

    I signed! (#2). You should too! And, sign the Coleman Trebor petition:

    Go on over to JediForce! It's the awesome Star Wars, LOTR, and Miscellaneous Things site for teenagers!

    And support the Unleashed Coleman Trebor petition!

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    Thanks for your support ColemanTrebor914. We need the Geonosian Picador with Orray!!

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    this will be cool just pick up the reek and arkley yesterday hopeful if they make him the will make him card like neexu.

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    sometimes i think everyone is hell-bent on either complaining alot or making a petiton....i will sign.....not now though.....i'm too tired..

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    Ok, this petition stuff for AOTC toys has GOT to stop. The movie has only been out for 12 WEEKS. Give Hasbro TIME and they will make the figures that will work as toys. I also want the Picador, and a Coleman Trebor, but a petition at this point is entirely unwarranted. I admire your, energy I guess, but I think its being wasted on stuff that will be made eventually any way.

    Petitions for characters like, and I can't beleive I am going to say this, the Ice Cream Maker Guy are viable because Episode 5 was released like 20 years ago, and it is rather obvious that Hasbro would not make it.

    Okay thats a bad example, but it was the only one I could think of.


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    Amen to that Adam. Give them time. We will get some cool items the next couple years since they are not movie years.

    Hey, we should start a Petition to stop petitions.
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    Originally posted by Rogue II
    Hey, we should start a Petition to stop petitions.
    Now that is one I would most definatly sign.

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    Can we also throw together a petition to get Geonosian to cut his signature down some.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Online petitions are a horrible, horrible trend. It turns a concept that was supposed to represent Democratic change into a whiny, greedy list of unbalanced demands. is like any other message board, entertainment that's impossible to take seriously. So if you want your Orray or Coleman Trebor or Tey How or whatever, you're going to have to either wait it out or make it yourself.

    But at least your passive initiative will be met with an equally passive decline.
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