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Thread: Pearl Harbor

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    The Pearl Harbor attack (in the movie) was not under-done!

    They showed the planes riddling the hospital and barracks with bullets, and shooting the rescue workers in the water besides bombing the Navy ships. As an American, that always makes my blood boil and want to grab a gun and fight the Japanese like Dorris Miller did. That scene where he shot down that plane with the machine guns empathizes with all I felt during the attack -and once Danny and Rayf are airborne (and chasing instead of being chased) I cheer! These are heroes.

    I'm sorry, I can hear the theme music from the movie in my head as their P-40's chase down their Zeros and force them flaming into the sea.

    There is great combat footage in Pearl Harbor.
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    I've still never seen Pearl Harbor in its entirety and I don't plan to any time soon.

    Armageddon, however, is still a guilty pleasure of mine. Owen Wilson cracks me up.

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