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    Talking More Pod pilots!

    Over at rebelscum they staded that hasbro is planing on making more pod pilots,heres the qoute more Pod Racing pilots (on the way),
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    How about more pod racers!
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    I agree,but we need Dooku's & Maul's ship first.
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    The actual quote:

    Q: Any more pod racer figures going to be made?
    A: There is a podrace figure coming out this fall in the 3 3/4" line (Teemto Pagalies).

    Nothing else confirmed past this.
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    i guess someone twisted the qoute a bit..
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    I'd much rather see more Pod Pilots than Pod Racers.
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    hay don't kill the messager,go check out rebelscum if you don't belive me.
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    I agree Porky. I can't see Hasbro making anymore pod Racers. They're too big, and Anakin and Sebulba's racers didn't sell very well. But yeah, I would love to see more pilots, namely Quadinaros and Mawhonic.

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    I would like to see more of both - pilots and pods. These were some extremely cool vehicles.

    While they didn't seem to sell I believe it was another case of over production. They seem to be selling out of everything else these days...

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    I'd love to see Mawhonic next, because he's a more well built racer rather than some of the skinny obscure looking creatures that are in the other racers.
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