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    What did you LIKE about the SE additions?

    - The Jabba the Hutt scene
    - The final battle in ANH
    - The new Wampa footage
    - The CG additions to Cloud City - made the place look more alive & vibrant and less cold & static
    - The Death Star explosion in ROTJ

    The best addition.....definitely the new ending and music in ROTJ. The original "Yub Yub song" ending is nice for nostalgia, but the new version connects very nicely with the prequels, and the music is just 100% better.

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    Battle of Yavin and new planet and DS explosions. That's about it! I would say the Biggs footage before BOY but it doesn't make much sense without the Luke & Biggs scene on Tatooine so I'll miss that one out.

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    the new effects at the battle of Yavin
    The Ships rising out of hangers (Falcon in Mos Eisley, X-wings on Yavin) instead of being little dota of light.
    I like the Jabba scene and Baba Fett showing up

    The shot of the Wampa
    Lando's announcement going out to Cloud City

    ROTJ- I think the Coruscant scene will be important now to tie back to the prequel trilogy.
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    Improved BOY
    Aldeeran blowing up
    Jabba (Everyone says he looks like erm poop but I don't mind it)

    New Cloud City stuff
    New wampa stuff
    fixed the transparent Snowspeeders

    DS explosion
    New song at the end
    new sarlacc pit
    Various celebrations around the galaxy
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    ANH- Mos Eisley's expansion
    ESB- Cloud City's new look
    ROTJ- Celebration on Coruscant
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    The new Mos Eisley scene with the Jawa falling off the Ronto
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    I liked the over cleaning up they did of some of the older special effects. Now the movies don't look quite as dated as they once did and ANH seems on par with ROTJ and not light years behind it.
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    ANH: One of the scenes I absolutely love is the Falcon taking off from Mos Eisley.

    ESB: When the Falcon flies through Cloud City, that was a treat for the eyes.

    ROTJ: The Ewok celebration music. Ever since '83 the "Yub Yub" song really made me cringe. But now, with the new score.. I find the ending much more moving.

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    The new explosion from the Death Star in both ANH and ROTJ. The new musical number in ROTJ, the new end scene + music of ROTJ.
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    I have to agree with the Wampa scene in ESB - though Ive watched the untouched version lately and it's just as scary - and especially the end of ROTJ. That score is very emotional. The reunion of Luke with Leia and Han is perfect, the music kind of pauses then goes again when they embrace. Goosebumps for sure. I always felt proud of them, stupid I know, but even (and especially) Lando and Wedge who are also shown on Endor. Again, the music fits the scene very well. I also like the linking effect the off-Endor celebrations have with the new films.
    All in all, the Special Editions are superior to the originals in every way but two - I don't love Joh Yowza, and (of course) Han shot first.


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