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    Talking SO! Nothing new... Montana at least. I didn't get to go to CO, as you all probably noticed

    Been busy- keeping collecting at a minimum, as it is expensive to live here. Blech.

    Still buying the occaisional SW toy though- I want that new X-Wing dang it!

    How's everyone else?

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    Red face u mean we bin waitin patiently 4u to join us before arranging an fs/r2lair rendez...

    . . for Nuthin? well i guess we just gonna have to go ahead & have fun Without ws, eh r2?
    "How's everyone else", he asks; easy to axe maybe, but no simple way to answer humpin, huntin, tradin, customizin, lobbyin & cafe slummin only beGins to cover it i'm afraid
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    It's expensive to live in Montana?
    I'm surprised. I'd think the only major expense would be gasoline, as the stereotype is that you have to drive 500 miles to get from your house to a grocery store in those parts.
    What's so expensive?
    Not givin' you a hard time, just curious....
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Try living in the SF Bay Area. The median price for a 3 bed 2 bath is $500,000 and the rent for a two bedroom apartment is $1,300+.

    I'm a sucka' for punishment!

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    INteresting :)

    What's so expensive? Yeah, that's what I thought, too, except this place, Bozeman, MT- population 30,000 in summer, about 45,000 during college months- is only 10% LESS cost of living wise when compared to my old burg, Colorado Springs, CO - population about 500,000 now. In other words, if I made $40,000 in Colorado Springs, I would have to make $36,000 here in Bozeman to live the same way.

    Kinda' sucks, eh SWAFMAN?

    Two bedroom places (like mine) start at $600 (but I do have 1000+ sq. feet), and one bedrooms at $450. Granted, that's nothing compared to California-


    when the mean earning wage up here is $6.50 an hour- YES you read that right- maybe only a dollar over minimum wage!- $600 a month IS expensive! So buying toys has become expensive.

    I'm making $10 an hour at my current job, when I used to make $17.71! Plus, I am attending Montana State University here, so there goes another batch of dough.

    I was surprised at how expensive things were when I got here- and I still marvel that our gas price hasn't dropped below $1.60 a gallon in three months...but anyway- back to toys!

    I got into the Yamato Valkyries for a while (anime style- from "Macross"). $75 a pop ain't cheap but DAMN they're cool! This will be my next pruchase if I can scrounge up the cash:

    Anyway, MM's making a comeback? Let's hope Art asylum ISN'T yanking our chains

    And I still marvel that I saw Baal's collection O_O

    *Worships it from afar*

    I wonder if that Cyber-Violator fit in?

    I still have those rare-earth magnets, too- attached to my truck's steering wheel

    Well, I might go hunting tomorrow. I also can't wait for Episode II on DVD November 12th. Too bad we'll never get an Action Fleet of the Jedi Starfighter (the Hyperspace ring would have been cool!) or the Royal Naboo ship that gets it at the beginning

    C'est la vie.

    Sorry I couldn't come down, VT- believe me, I wanted to. It's all about the $$$ right now, though, darn it

    I'll be back, though- you can't get rid of me that easily!

    And Fellini RULES! ^_^
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    fellini's not Really my cuppa. . .

    . . .though i enjoyed Amarcord & Juliet Of Da Spirits well enough. haven't seen Satyricon or City Of Women yet, but La Strada just kinda laid there; reminded me of bergman before he began using liv ullmann as his leading lady Dolce Vita and 8 1/2 didn't do much for me either, but it's been many years since i saw them so maybe some winter i'll get around to re-viewin em.
    speakin of see-neh-mah: hey glitch, i highly recommend Some Prefer Cake, an indie production native to your area so you should have e-z access to it. if you see it lmk what you think, i'd love a franciscan's perspective on it
    p.s. c'mon ws, add your voice to the art asylum wewantmms chorus
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