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    Cool Target Scout Trooper vs. POTJ Scout Trooper

    Has anyone else noticed that the Scout Trooper from the Target Accessory Pack has his groin area on backwards? It's almost as if someone turned his waist around 180 degrees, and THEN put the legs on. I just scored my Endor set this morning and it's not an error because all the ones I've seen are the same way. Compare him to a POTJ Scout Trooper and you'll see what I mean.

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    I noticed this along time ago, when pictures of the figure started surfacing. Well, technically it is an error. It's just a widespread error. I doubt they are going to correct it though, since they probably already have all of them on cards and shipping.

    You could always boil and pop the legs off, and switch them after you turn the waist. Or he can be the spaz-trooper that put his groin armor on backwards. I'm sure ToyFare is already thinking around those lines.

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    Now we know what the Ewok was refering to when it said "Oochy wawa!"

    Maybe later versions will be corrected, then again maybe not. Granted it's not that noticeable, but maybe they were trying to come up with a way to make it look different than the POTJ Scouts.

    When the eBay scum get word of this they'll be posting "error" and "rare variant" auctions like crazy.
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    Hm, I hadn't noticed that before. Well, I guess at least it makes the troopers look slightly different...although they could have done a really good thing and made this Scout Trooper a clean version.

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    I hope I can find this one this week! I've got the Arena and Hoth ones (courtesy of Jedi Drew) but still need the other two. I've been going to Target every morning as they are supposed to be resetting their toy department this week.
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    I dont even own a accessory set yet
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    i have even begon to look for them yet but i will start this week-end.

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    Well I have seen about 10 sets and Hasblow still has not corrected the mistake.
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    BTW has anyone noticed that on the cardback of captain typho on the pics his "skirt" and belt are also turned 180 degrees? probably old news but I just recently noticed
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    You can guarantee that some person will put them on Ebay, with the title 'RARE VARIATION BACKWARDS PANTS' or something along the lines of that. Even if Hasbro never correct the error.
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