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    Buyers that have to have something have to make you laugh.

    With all the exculsives that are hitting since the Toy Fair Vader it's almost as fun to watch all the collectors blow a lifes savings on something before it is all over the world than actually looking for the items.
    like everyone when the Toy Fair Vader hit I looked through EBAY and watch people spend well over 500.00 for that figure. Now after the Fan club has had the figure several times to sell for 9.99 , the prices are slowly coming down. I really feel for those collectors that spent 500.00 for that figure. I feel more for the people that " think " it was ever limited. I praise the sellers that got that much money because " there is an idiot born everyday ".
    Nothing is truly limited anymore.
    Case in point again , The Star Tours figures and other items from Disney. I was buying Star Tours items for years from Pins to employee clothes and now " rare " figures are out..2 or 9 ..who knows. Sellers listed them at 69.00 for three weeks ago and now you can get them through Disney CA , for 10.00 each. who paid that 69.00 to be the first on the block to have their star tours figures. Cracks me up.
    Now my great company plans to have a R2D2 silver edition 25th ann. figure with a purchase. After talking to several Merch. managers I feel there will be plenty...I mean plenty for every collector in the world to go around. Hopefully it will be free with a purchase of the 99.99 R2D2 unit coming out so atleast everyone will have to save a little more. Also someone stole several from the Manf. at one time and sold them for un-godly amounts on EBAY and then stupid collectors paid crazy prices for them.
    Moral to the stories..nothing is truly RARE, HARD TO FIND, LIMITED , VHTF, or even better ONE OF A KIND unless your talking wait and you will have one in your collectors hands without selling your funny book collection.

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    There are rants from either side, check this one out:

    Maybe I'll go to PetitionOnline and make a petition for an SSG Rant Forum.
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    do we have to buy the electornic R2 just to get the silver one? i never got the silver vader so i really wnat to get R2 at least.
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    That's just silly... Oh, well. It still looks like a sexual device to me!

    BTW is that third "HAVE" in your title necessary?
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    Come on JEDIpartnr be nice to the ROOKIE he only has one post....
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    why not..i love leaving people guessing...To HAVE or Not To HAVE..that is the question.

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    Talking Pleas help us ToysRusKING, you're our only hope! ;)

    Well ToysRusKING, since you work at said "Toy Store", are you going to get us the low down on just how much Hasbro expects us poor slobs to shell out for a FREE R2-D2 figure? And if possible, the exact date they are to start giving the R2's away.

    When and if you ever get the information, that is.

    I, for one, don't see myself dropping $100 for a silly @$$ Interactive, remote controlled or what ever they call it, R2 just to get a free figure.

    What's TRU's policy on returns? Could one buy the $100 R2 unit then turn around and return it the next day, without giving the silver R2 back?
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    yeah I plan to update everyone when they announce their plans. I contacted several Merch. FLow friends and they couldn't tell me anything but the general time they would be available. I'm guessing it would be with the R2 unit and not just a 25.00 purchase.
    As far as returns , depends on how good the service area folks are. My store checks for those things due to other promotions , like the baby ads, where people try to put one over on everyone.
    Although it will be FREE with purchase you can bet that there will be hundreds on EBAY that week . I want to purchase a couple extra to trade to get a Vader and other items I'm missing.
    I try to help all collectors out with info. and making their lives a little easier.

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    Um, what about the (US carded) Freeze Frame Weequay and the Freeze Frame Sandtrooper?

    Those aren't vintage.

    Both are RARE.

    And what's a funny book collection?

    BTW, I could care less about the Toy Fair Vader and that Rebel Pilot dude.
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    I guess rare means different things to different people. Anything to me from '95 up SW related is Common to me due to the over production of all of it.
    Rare to you means anything in the 90's..must be an age thing .

    BTW,,yada yada yada yada .

    Stay Holy Cross !


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