After almost two years of building dioramas, I figured itís time to reminisce about what has been stored in the archives. For those whoíve been around that long, youíve probably seen most of these works and for those who havenít, youíll get a first look of what has been. Iíll try to give some background info on each work thatís featured and feel free to post comments/questions along the way.

The Jedi Training was one of my first works. Iíve started out with this simple but dramatic scene or so I thought. Fixing up the background with the tree limbs and marsh type ground was the easy part. Getting Yoda to stand still on Lukeís feet during the one arm handstand proved to be difficult. Countless hours spent on figuring out how to make this work and get the pics even for just a few seconds proved fruitless. Frustration sets in and I actually had to leave it for a couple of days before I got back and tried another way of accomplishing this task. Wanna give it a shot at how I did it?