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    Dr. Pepper Red Fusion & Mr, Green

    Has anybody tried either Dr. Pepper Red Fusion or Mr. Green sodas?

    They're pretty good. To me Red Fusion tastes exactly like normal Dr. Pepper but with a cherry after taste. And Yes it is red.
    Mr. Green tasted like Mr. Pibb but with more sugar added. No it is not green it black.

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    Red Fusion, I hated it.
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    Haven't tried them. I've been wanting to try Red Fusion, but dunno. I haven't heard that many complaints about it.
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    I love red fusion. I bought a case of it the day I saw it. Dr. P is probally my favoite pop, and I love cherry flavored stuff. So, it was a perfect marrage for me . I haven't tried Mr. Green yet, but it sounds interesting. What flavor is Mr Green?
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    the red fusion is popular in my household. i tried a couple sips and agree with MJ, that it tastes to me pretty much just like regular Dr. Pepper. Never heard of the green stuff.
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    Red Fusion and Dr. Pepper are exactly alike... except for the RED part.

    And Mr. Green? I haven't even heard of that. I will have to check it out.
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    What IS the deal with all these new sodas? It seems like we didn't have a new soda for like 20 years, then BAM!--twenty new sodas hit the market. I haven't tried many of the new ones just because I'm hesitant to buy something if I have NO IDEA how it will taste. Clear Pepsi? Blue Pepsi? Red Fusion? Code Red? Mr. Green? etc. Uh, that gives me a fairly good idea what it will look like (except, I guess for Mr. Green), but not even a hint of what the taste will be. I tried Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, and Diet Coke with Lemon, because I had a pretty good idea what these would taste like. Seems like Coke is using much more sense when it comes to marketing these new sodas---name them the way they will taste.
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    Vanilla coke tastes old to me. Code Red Mt. Dew is the best!

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    I think Vanilla Coke is **** and so is Pepsi Blue. I haven't tried Mountain Dew Code Red yet but am excited to.

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    Originally posted by Grif
    Red Fusion and Dr. Pepper are exactly alike... except for the RED part.

    And Mr. Green? I haven't even heard of that. I will have to check it out.
    You haven't heard of Mr. Green? Especially after he was discovered killing Mr. Body in the Study with the lead pipe?

    I haven't seen the stuff either.
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