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    12'' doll stands

    I was wondering if anyone knew a good site to order stands for my 12" figures or where I can find them. Thanks.
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    I think Wal-Mart sells doll stands, but not in the toy section. You have to check the crafts section. Also I don't know if there are any Arts and Crafts stores near you (examples are Rag Shop, Michaels and AC Moore) if so check them out they might have some. I know that the Michaels stores sell real nice ones with a huge wooden base, but I prefer the cheap metal white ones.


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    This is no help on the where, but as far as the what, the BEST doll stands for 12" Star Wars figures, bar none, are made by Kaiser. Their stand #2101 for 8-14" dolls is the best bet for Star Wars figures. They make a smaller one (I don't have the product number) that works well for shorter figures (Jawa, Anakin, Sebulba, etc.) as well. I am still seeking a good place to get them at a good price (as a local comic shop that used to sell them stopped doing so). At any rate, if you find a good source, demand Kaiser brand!
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    How does the Kaiser stand hold the figure? Around the waste, grab a leg or is it one of the crotch things?
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    The Kaiser stands are "hip-huggers". They consist of a flat circular base (upon which the figure or doll stands) which then has an upward facing "tail" that acts as a groove into which the wire piece that fits around the figure's wiast is slotted (allowing it to be adjusted for height. I will try to get a picture to post here.
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    here in the metorplex, ive seen doll/actionfigure stands at a store called dollar tree. it is a true "dollar store". not like most where you ask how much something is and the guy behind the counter says evyting a dolla but when you ask for the elvis clock behind the counter he says forteen sebentytoo. oh yeah i think the dollstands costed...a dollar.
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    I got my stands at Michaels for about $1.50 each, and sound like the same thing that JediCole mentioned. I've only used a couple so far on my 3 Clone Troopers, and they look great like they're running w/ their guns.

    I also bought a circular glass dome for my Portrait Edition Amidala (Senate Dress). It came w/ a wooden base. I opened the package and put the dome on but the fig was too tall! About 13" to the top of her hair piece.

    I took that back and found in an area near picture frames a collectors case w/ oak trim. I ended up taking off the front flap from Amidala's package (leaving the columns, sides, and window in back) and, inserting package and doll in case. It just barely fit, but now I get to see the doll and it's great outfit.
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