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    Thumbs up oh baby! do i ever!

    from day one, i wished that galoob had included the missing sections of the rss's hull as removable pieces. that would have made that playset an everlovin' masterpiece! i'm sure there were problems over concerns about being in competition with hasbro's own $100.00 star ship. i would a love either a reworking of that playset to include the missing hull, or even an accessory pack which only included the removable hull pieces..............yeah right, dream on, gsj, dream on.
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    That Trade Federation Shuttle does look neat! And I also think they should go with Sakay's idea of all the Bounty Hunter ships, which could also include Dengar's Punishing One.
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    Removable hull plates would have been fantastic, I wish they had done that. I bought both the Hasbro and Galoob Royal Starships and both are lots of fun, I think a lot of collectors would have done the same even if the Galoob one was a whole ship like the Rebel Transport playset.
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    Dear Santa (Hasbro) Claus,

    For Christmas i wish :

    A new "Deluxe" AF line bigger in size (like the R.I.P. Collector Fleet) with the king size ships like the Mon Calamari Home One and Liberty, Nebulon B medical frigate, Interdictor class destroyer, Donut class Trade Federation Core ship, Accumulator class Republic destroyer...
    In AF :
    - Tie Phantom : Outrider ; Naboo cruiser ; Naboo Yacht ; Firewall IG tank ; Geonosian fighter, Jedi Starfighter with hyperdrive ring, Slave One, Republic Gunship...

    But you can forgot the ugly Spha-T...

    Thanks per advance dear Santa.
    P.S. : Hurry up !!!
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    Actually there was a prototype of the Mon Calamari Cruiser "Liberty" for the Collector Fleet line but unfortunately it was canceled before it could get released.

    Dunno if Hasbro still has it from the Kenner days but if they do then they should release that at some point.
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    Sicqnus, welcome aboard! Those are some fantastic ideas! I totally forgot about Padme's Ep 2 yacht, that had a TON of screentime. And the Naboo Cruiser might actually be cooler than the Naboo Royal Starship.

    Like Basker said, there was a Collectors Fleet Mon Cal cruiser all ready to ship with the Super Star Destroyer when Hasbro saw that the line wasn't doing well. I'd rather have CF-sized ships with interiors instead of electronics, but I'll take what I can get. I think Hasbro Rhode Island, not Kenner division (aka Hasbro Cincinati), was in charge of the Collectors Fleet (as a companion to Hasbro Direct's Collectors Series 12"-scale figures), so I bet they still have it, though it may have been tossed when they did the big warehouse cleaning/closing a few years ago.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Hi JediTricks,

    I agree. Actually, Hasbro has planned a fourth ship in the Collector Series. In 1996 for a released in second half 1997. I had never seen any pics or sketch of the "Home One"... At the end of 1997, Hasbro was in the way to buy Lewis Galoob Toys and i'm sure it was one of the reasons for the cancellation of the CF line.
    Well, by the moment I really enjoy start collecting the new AF line. Thanks Hasbro ! It's like Dave Prowse : almost dead last year and "ready to race" today ! ;-)).................. OOch ! The power of the Dark Side is soooo strong... Isn't it Dave ?
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    That Trade Federation Shuttle looked awesome. To bad they never released it. Although, seeing that one was made for the E1 AF line, no one knew how it flew. If Hasbro goes back and desides to make the last AF wave, they're going ot have to redesign the TF Shuttle. The cockpit was on the wrong side. From AOTC, I remember it taking off spinning around so that the "sharks fin" was on the back of it. If I'm wrong please let me know, but that would be a great addition to AF collection.
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    Thanks Jangu, you just uncovered my "secret pain."

    The cockpit thing was my fault, that is the way I designed the ship. All we had to work from was a Doug Chang sketch, and few pictures of the partial (yes, partial) ILM model that was used for the ship in E1. None of these had any hint that the cockpit was on the other side. At the time, it seemed like a given that the cockpit was on the same side as the ramp - like the Imperial Shuttle.

    So it was me, it was my fault, throw your rocks, rotten tomatoes, etc...

    When I saw Episode II for the first time, I let out an audible, "Doh!" The person that was sitting to my left knew exactly what I was reacting to, while I'm pretty sure the person to my right thought I was on drugs.

    Stupid Episode II had to go mess t all up!

    Anyway... the missile launcher was added later. Originally, it was going to be a concealed mini cannon behind the secret door rather than the launcher. I just figured the cannon would have a better chance of getting through costing than something with a "gasp" spring. With the a) multi-jointed landing gear/legs b) missile launcher c) opening cargo bay d) telescoping ramp, e) opening cockpit and f) kick *** paint, it would have been ONE of the most elaborate AF ever.

    Weep, weep, weep....

    Edit. Hey, check it out, It won't let me say ***...err...a s s.
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    One more thing.....

    I might as well reveal the Episode II AF ships that were designed for Hasbro. Since they are off on their own with AF, I can't see the harm in revealing them now. Hell, it's not like I'm posting pics this time. Plus, it was a bad day, and I'm feeling kind of bitter at the moment.

    Spring 2002:

    1. AT-TE (Then known as "Republic Walker").

    2. Dooku's Solar Sail (much larger in scale).

    3. Republic Gunship.

    4. Jedi Starfighter (no hyperspace ring, at the time).

    Fall 2002:

    5. Slave I

    6. Royal Cruiser (Padme's second ship).

    7. Federation "spider" Tank

    8. Federation Droid Tank (a.k.a "wheel droid")

    Anyway, that was all we did for the "big H" as far as AF vehicles. I just hope we all get to see a few of these make it to the store shelves the way they were designed.

    These were TRUE AF vehicles, all with opening cockpits (yes, for figures), landing gear, play features, etc... It now seems AF is headed in more of a display collectible area.


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