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    ...I weep for how cool those would have been if these had been released. I'm kinda surprised to see the Wheel Droid (this is the Hailfire Droid, the one with 2 huge rims on the outside of the vehicle, that's the one we're talking about, right?) on that list, but I would'a snapped it up with glee. Bad Hasbro, bad!

    Oh, and I never got to see the pictures in question.

    As for the TF Shuttle, there's another I would have bought... even with the cockpit on the wrong end. Oh, but let me get out the blame-ray, *BLAMEBLAMEBLAME*
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    Thumbs up Nebulon B medical frigate

    First of all, your posts are always very interesting, Glitch! Thank you, it is so nice to have a person like you here on this board!

    As far as the AF item I would like to see made, since I got the Mini MicroMachines Falcon (in the SE Premiere give away) I always wondered how cool a Nebulon B medical frigate in scale with it would be! :happy:

    If that is not going to happen, I would be happy to get a Jedi Starfighter WITH Hyperspace Ring. As far as I know it would be the only Hyperspace Ring on the market (both the Hasbro and the LEGO versions of the Jedi Starfighter do not feature it), and as the Starfighter is quite small the Hyperspace Ring would give the "perceived value" to the set without changing its scale.


    P.S. By the way I completely agree with GSJ about the missing panels of the Royal Starship Repair Playset. The playset is already one of my favourite from E1 line, but with the hull section complete would be terrific. Unfortunately I do not see how Hasbro could reasonably sell them. (unless there is among us an exceptional customiser who is able to make them and sell to the other collectors )

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    Glitch, I'm sorry, I wasn't bashing your work. I wish I was as skilled a modeller as you. I don't know about the AF being turned into a collectors line, SSG posted a report they got from SDCC. it said Hasbro's going to release 2003 AF sets with mini-figs. And do mini-figs only packs for the 2002 Af releases without the figs. Those ships you listed may come-to-be, if this all pans out. Lets all hope.

    As for the Hyperdrive ring for the Jedi Starfighter. Hasbro could use that as part of the stand.? Although I think everyone would agree it should be part of the set. The Jedi Starfighter without the Hyper Ring is like Dooku's Sailor without the sail.
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    Aoh ! I forgot the Z-95 Headhunter... It would be a cool addition to the line.

    And I must say (but I'm not the one to say that), the Solar Sailer protoytype has a curious sail.... I mean it is certainly the best sail for the Seal hunting but...

    I hope it is just a prototype...

    We all want a really accurate toy with a sail "IN SCALE" !

    It's quite simple : If the toy is pretty nice (much larger and accurate), I will buy one, certainly two, maybe three.

    But if not... I will spend my money with Art Asylum who knows how to pease the fans for a few bucks...

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    I wish I could agree, I'm a huge micro scale collector. Art Asylum has done nothing and don't look to be doing any micro scale lines. I would love to see the starship Enterprise, done in the Playmates Innerspace scale. AA does do great work, but, as for pleasing the fans? They don't. Not all of them. I am a regular to the AA forums also. Although I don't post often. There is not much things to interest me.
    "I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe." - Jango Fett


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    Hi Jangu,

    I just wanted to make sure that you knew I was joking. I would have tossed in one of these , but I don't like to laugh at my own jokes. For the record, I do NONE of the model work. That is done by people that have FAR greater skill than I. My job is the design and the fancy pictures on the control drawings.

    The hyperspace ring on the Jedi Starfighter was not even a consideration at the time I did the designs only because none of the reference material that we had, had any indication that it even existed. All we have are various views of the ship without the ring. Anyway, it was not because anyone was being cheap, but rather we were simply unaware of it. It may have also been something that was added to the design later - that happens a lot when you add George Lucas and CG.

    I mentioned this before, but the original Dooku's Sail is quite large. The body of the ship itself is over five inches in length, and the sail was to come disassembled and stacked in four pieces. Overall, the assembled size is close to nine inches in length. Even at this size, the amount of plastic used would be rather light considering the airiness of the design. Now the ship AND the sail look to be only about six inches overall.

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    Been v.busy...

    ..... but thought I'd drop in while I could.

    Senators starship v1 from the beginning would be my first choice. Instead of an action figure, I'd like it to come with a chip that contains a loop of the engine noise (sampled at 96Khz 24bit) and I'd like jam on it too, please.
    Retublic crusier from end of Ep1. Glitch, reading your info above, I was wondering what would be the deciding factor where a decision to make the TF shuttle from EP1 was taken over making the Jedi consular ship from the end? Is it features? I've been wishing for an a few years that this shuttle'd been made as Radiant # is one of my faves (except the landing gear)
    Nebulon B nuff said
    Airwha with riding Kaminoan Not usually into beast packs or anything other than vehicles but I think this could be rendered well.
    the red or white speeders that Anakin leaves behind I always thought he picked the most boringest-est of the speeders - the others look coolerer.
    B-wing in scale, longer wings, thinner cannons (like X-wing) and smaller, oval-er cockpit.

    that's all I can rustle up for now.


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    The scene at the end of the film with Palpatine's landing in the shuttle was a pick up scene, so we didn't references of that ship until very late in the game. Take a look at Anakin in that scene, he looks like he is about a year older than he does in the rest of the film. Later on, we did get a few pics of the ship, but it was in a VERY rough form. As I recall, it was a detail-free foam model.

    We had partial references (sans cockpit locations - DOH!!) of the Fderation (then Neimoidian) Shuttle, so that one was squeezed in near the end of the run.

    We had ALL of the Episode I AF designed and in some form of production like six months before the film hit. This is somewhat unusual, but I won't get into it now. Let's just say that some people may have known more about the fate of Galoob well before the rest of us did.

    Anyway.... That ship was a VERY late edition to the film, and, at that point, all of the AF waves through fall 2000 had already been set.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. What is the Nebulon B?

    P.P.S. I'm still squaring away the contents of the list we discussed.
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    Hi Glitch,

    You can see a excellent 3DS model of the Nebulon B here :

    Nebulon B frigates are Imperial Ships captured by the Rebel forces and integrated into the Alliance fleet.
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    I guess I'm just old school...err...skool. To me, that's the medical frigate.

    I know nothing of the new names for the old ships.



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