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    Question The Trials

    I don't know what they're about, but since Yoda said Anakin was a Jedi (powerful Jedi was he), he probably took the Trials and succeeded.

    So, what are these trials about? I'm guessing an important part of the ritual consists in facing your fear and anger so that you learn how to resist the temptation of the Dark Side.

    Luke failed his test in the Cave, and later on he passed it when he chose to spare Vader's life. Obi-Wan seemed to be extremely angry in EP1 during his duel with Darth Maul. Yoda said dark emotions might help in a fight but are likely to dominate you. Obi-Wan eventually managed to control his emotions and even though he DID kill Maul, he didn't do it in a cruel manner or having him defenseless, not even for the pleasure of it.

    Any comments on this?

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    well, the trials decide wehter you are to be ranked a jedi knight, or to remain a padawan, obi-wan was ranked the level of jedi knight after his battle with maul, for being brave and powerfull, so i geuss that is what the trials are for, to show wehter you are brave and powerfull
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    No, the trials are when you take on a Padawan.
    Qui-Gon said that Obi-Wan was "ready to face the trials," because he himself could not take on Ani as a Padawan apprentice.
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    Mr. Jabba, Neither Qui Gon nor Obi Wan was unable to take on a Padwan because Obi Wan was still a Padawan. By taking the trials, he would become a Jedi Knight. This would enable either Qui Gon, since he doesn't have a Padawan any more, or Obi Wan himself, to take on Anakin as a Padawan.

    Did that make any sense?
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    It did... at least I understood. But i still can't figure out what these trials are about.


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