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    Anybody having troubles with EarthLink?

    I have been using EarthStink... er, I mean EarthLink as my primary ISP for years now, and for the first few years it was a *mostly* valuable relationship for a non-high-speed-modem fellow such as myself. However, as the company has been getting bigger and bigger and eating up other companies, it seems like their service has gone down the crapper and now I feel like tearing my eyes out of my sockets and gritting my teeth till they explode every time I attempt to use their overpriced "service". Their tech support is often ignorant, arrogant, or so convoluted that they cannot deal with any customer's complaints properly anymore - calls are often met with "well, it must be on your end" even though I know a dozen people throughout the LA area that have Earthlink that are experiencing the same problems; the best call I can hope for is "hmm, sounds bad, I have no idea how to fix it but I'll put up a ticket" or some such nonsense... the BEST I can expect is that they don't blame me for their pathetic service! What does that say about them?!? Oh, but I could try to waste my time via email or their living-death chat system instead should I want to increase my frustration five-fold without results or often even a response -- it's like I've died and gone to Microsoft. I can't take it anymore, I feel like going to EL headquarters, ripping my PC apart in front of them, and beating the various exectuves with the pieces. And the worst part of all is that they're STILL better than my last dialup - and they were rated in the top 5 in California!

    So, anybody else out there having troubles with Earthlink lately?
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    no problems actually. and the one time i called tech support, they were actually knowledgeable.
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    hmm, I also hate earthlink. They bought out my local internet company and transefered us to a 10 hr limited service. We didn't ask for this, yet they made my mother pay for it. I wasn't living with her, but regularly went over to use the computer. When I moved back in I found out that they were charging her over $100 a month because of the 10 hour limit and cahrging an extra $1 for each hour online. Well I started to e-mail them about how I never signed up for the service and how I would contact my lawyer about this disservice. They switched it over to unlimited and had given me a credit of around $200. Well, a guess their accounting part is not connected to their service part because I received a message about how they would whut off service if I didn't pay an outstanding bill. Well I had to connect the body to the head, and I guess everything is fine because they stopped begging for money.

    Well, on Friday I'm getting my Cable Modem installed with Adelphia so I'll have dial up and Cable modems. I guess that means I can start playing spades by myself on Yahoo Games.
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