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  1. #21 we are talking about something of an interest of mine - comics! I don't know how many of you watch anime. What I think needs to happen with comic books is a huge study in character development in the mainstream comic arena. The reason anime works (some of it doesn't mind you) is because the artists and writers take there time. The reason comic books suffer dry stories is because these writers throw out the first things that comes to mind. I have been working for about seven years on my own story line and I can not tell you how many drafts I have gone through. Thats what the writing process is all about.

    Like many of you on these forums I was extremely excited when Image first began. Then I realized that none of these stories were orignial they were rehashes of classics. For example Youngblood (Rob Liefeld's abortion) was a rip-off of X-men, Shadowhawk was a rip-off of Batman. Spawn was the only one that stood out from the pack. Initially the story was very bland. Until around the 10th issue when Mcfarlane enlisted the aid of Neil Gaiman to hone his writing skills. Neil Gaiman of course authored the Sandman (in my opinion the second best comic series of all - Watchmen being the first).

    Most recently Witchblade promised to be a very interesting tale. But it fell into the same trap that Spawn fell into. Their own creators lost interest in it.

    Here is what I have started doing since this inrush of butt-stink 30 page toilet paper has found its sorry way to the comic aisles. I look for titles by writers that I know tell an excellent story. A few of you mentioned "Watchmen" as a cult classic. Moore also writes two very well crafted comics that I read currently: Promethea, and Top 10. These are great comics with an excellent story first, and excellent art. My inspiration to my handle on these forums was Garth Ennis who wrote a couple story arcs in the Hellblazer series, and wrote "Preacher". Brian Azzarello(?) writes an operation mindcrime type series titled "100 bullets". My point is good comics are out there you just can't find them by looking in the places you are used to looking. By the way, Garth Ennis has a story in the latest "Star Wars Tales" titled "Trooper". Give it a read and see what you think. If you think that story has promise I recommend "Just a Pilgrim".


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    One new thing that had promise and is still very interesting is the Crossgen company/comic line. The stories are pretty decent, and it's something new. I don't read all of them, but I pick a book up every once in a while, and so far, I've liked what I've seen.

    It hasn't been the revolutionary movement the company was hoping for, but they are steadily growing.

    I too watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga, the problem is that by the time we get it translated and over here for sale, theres something even better out in Japan. I waited 2 and a half years to get Trigun (manga) in english, and we're just now going to get it. I think the Japanese companies should start producing more here in the states. In the last 3 years, the interest in anime and manga has skyrocketed, and I think they should start sending more our way sooner.

    BTW, the best series out right now IMO, is Lone Wolf and Cub. It is by far the most original and well written series being published by one of the bigger companies right now. Even though the series is 20+ years old, we're just now getting the full, uncut story here in the states.
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    I just returned from this mego-warehouse comic book store here in Vegas, and I must say, that if comics as an industry was completely gone in 5 years, I wouldn't be surprised. The pointless dribble that spews forth from the big 3 is drop dead ridiculous.

    I just paid $3 for the new "'Nuff Said" Elektra issue, and I would've been better off throwing those $3 down a toilet. The book is 16 pages of story that has no dialogue (the premise) that consists of a story where Elektra breaks into MM's office and then fights a Ninja. That's it! At the end of book, we're treated to 8 pages of script for the book. Complete crap!

    And don't get me started on the crap that's going on in the X books. Beast is now a cat-man. Prof. X is in a women's body. I have no idea where some of the core characters are! Dear lord...

    The only beacon of light is DK2. The first issue was pretty damn good, and I expect only the best from Frank Miller.

    I'm sorry, I just needed to vent. They wanted $20 for DD #127 (first "born again" book and the only FM DD I'm missing!) They also had the Ewok 2-Pack and 8-D8 for $30 a piece! Talk about scalping!
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    Well, I for one do not collect comics as much as I use to. Mainly due to the high price. I remember when comics cost 85c to $1.00. It is a shame that the price of everything increases now a days, yet wages still seem to remain the same. Will anyone ever be able to afford what they want? I have since stopped collecting comics and focused on SW. It is easier to find, and in the long run, cheaper. Believe me, I used to collect too many different series.

    I like the new artwork in a lot of the books, but the stories have been a little disappointing. Hopefully things will get better.
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