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    Question Can anybody help me with this C-3PO?

    Please help me cause havenīt found any clue about this little C-3PO - what is it?.
    It heights 2 inches and has moving arm and turning upper body.
    Lucasfilm has been printed in his left calf.

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    Urr...that almost appears to be a micro-machines C-3PO say it's 2 inches? Hm. The only other thin I can thing of is a line, whose name escapes my mind right now. They had several characters all on little bases like that one.

    Though I still think it's actually a MM C-3PO...
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    What's he made of? That might help a bit. There's no date on him? He might be Japanese,maybe?
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Thats what I was thinking mabudon.

    Possibly it is from a board game?I don't really know though,
    for some reason the C-3P0 looks familar to me.
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    ...made of plastic.. I think... at least not metallic.
    No date - just ĐLucasfilm
    Not so yellowish than photo shows

    ...and yes Iīm from Finland - sorry my lousy English

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    Could it be from Kenner's Action Masters line that came out in 1993 or 1994? They made several small (around 1.5-2") die-cast metal figures. I know I saw a Stormtrooper, Vader and Fett (released along with Terminator, Aliens, etc.) around that time.
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    It could be some kind of "cake-topper".
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    Is it A PVC figure made by Applause? That's what it looks like to me.
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    I don't know much about it. I can tell you that it is neither of the Action Masters C-3POs as previously suggested. The arms are posed differently than your C-3PO's pic, plus the Action Master C-3POs have no articulation.

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    Could this be one more of Hasbro's latest oferings? An exciting new direction toward crapness?

    "...Now with a new level of innaccuracy and lack of detail!"

    I don't know what it is I just saw an opportunity to carp.


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