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    Peter Jackson Petition

    What a lame idea. I have no idea who started this but clearly they "love" LOTR and that's about all they know about Jackson. There's nothing else in his resume that indicates that he would be any better at directing EP III than anyone else. Stupidity.

    The fact is that a director is no better than the script that was written, the actors that he has to work with, or the very strong (Lucas) producer that he'd have to work with. Jackson, or anyone else, would still be at the mercy of a poorly constructed prequel series and fading enthusiasm for the saga.

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    There was nothing is Jackson's resume to indicate that he could direct LOTR either, and look what an amazing job he did on that. There was nothing in George Lucas' resume to indicate that he could even pull off Star Wars in 1977; but he obviously did.

    It's not about experience, it's about passion for the project. Something that GL obviously no longer has for Star Wars, given the lackluster stories and design work on the prequels.

    I actually signed the petition, sure it'll never happened but it is fun to dream.:happy:

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    bigbarada, I was browsing through the old forums, and I noticed that you once defended the prequels (well, TPM anyway).

    I'm wondering what happened to your enjoyment of the film?

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    Thumbs down boo!

    George needs to remain at the helm. He is the only one who should direct this next movie. It is his creation and if I was him I would never give it up. Sorry....... By the way, I like TPM. Also, I like your new avatar Stillakid
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    In answer to Caesar's question....

    It's just been a slow build up of disappointments. The lackluster design work on Ep2 began to wear on me. I was slightly disappointed in the choice of a pretty-boy to play Anakin. Also, the NSYNC announcement was a big blow to my confidence in Lucas. There is so much more: the stilted acting in the trailers, that horrid teaser poster, the self-congratulatory attitude of Lucas and ILM. However, the straw that broke the camel's back was the pictures of the Ep2 figures. Bad enough to get me to consider abandoning Star Wars permanently. I'll wait until I see the movie before I make that final decision. IMO, the jury is still out on the film, but the death sentence has been passed on the toys.

    When I saw FOTR, it was an eye-opening moment for me. Up until then I was content with the notion that a fantasy film needed to pander to kids in order to be successful and profitable. Peter Jackson's effort has blown that idea out of the water and it helped me to look back on Ep1 without the "I must love it" bias. I now understand the mistakes GL has made in the prequels and SE's and I don't appreciate them one bit. And I'm no longer willing to just pass it off as "it's Lucas' universe, let him do what he wants."

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    this whole idea is stupid based on the fact that those who started this petition have not even seen episode 2 and are ripping lucas for this film before it's even released. this is the sign of fans who would not ever be happy with the prequil trilogy no matter what. if this petition had been started in late may and episode 2 is horrible, this petition may have had some credibility.

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    I agree Derek. Star Wars is George Lucas' masterpiece. Everything that is Star Wars, from the movies to the comic books is his idea. Even the characters and stories in the books and novels is his, just because it is based on his ideas. Suppose LOTR was a total bomb, and it did bad, would anyone try to take Peter Jackson's place as the director? No, of course not.
    I can tell just by the spoilers and the previews that Episode II is going to be great. I think it will be much better than Episode I because the story is now set up;Anakin is an adult and the chain of events that leads upto the Galactic strife is now underway. Just seeing the 3 trailers indicates that this movie is going to be great. It has a darker feel to it, like ESB.
    For anyone to start a petition to get Jackson to direct Episode III is insulting to me, as a lifelong Star Wars fan. This is George Lucas' idea, and he is the one who should do his movies. It is common sense.
    Of course there are always going to be people out there who will bash the movie and will hate it. No one can prevent that, because everyone has a different opinion and a different sense of what they like in a movie. However, that is no reason to get the crazy notion that someone else should direct the movies.
    All hail George Lucas!!
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    All hail...well, I wouldn't go that far.

    I finally got some time to do nothing, so I sat down and watched the documentary that is on the EP I DVD. I found myself chuckling a few times. The funny part isn't so much that Lucas himself wondered aloud about screwing it up, it's that the documentary team included those statements at all. I'm sure that Lucas had some kind of approval over what was ultimately released. Add that up with the addition of Johathan Hale for EP II and it appears on the surface that Lucas more or less admits that he let everyone down (well, almost everyone. see above post).

    As much as anyone, I hope for the best with EP II, but no matter how good it might be, the shoddy foundation laid down by TPM will continue to hurt the saga forever.

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    Re: boo!

    Originally posted by PloKoon2385
    George needs to remain at the helm. He is the only one who should direct this next movie. It is his creation and if I was him I would never give it up. Sorry....... By the way, I like TPM. Also, I like your new avatar Stillakid
    I totally agree,its his movies his ideas,he started it and now let him finish them off the way he wants too!About TPM the only really good parts were the end battle with Maul and Obi the rest was just boring
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    Seems there will always be a petition over some thing where Star Wars is concerned. Its GLs baby. These Gomer's need to stop wasting their lives fixed on "Jarjar" hate and move on.

    Its been almost three years! In the words of the band The Eagles....GET OVER IT! WAOOOO.


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