In response to a turn a thread in another forum was taking (one about what you collected when the vintage Star Wars figure lines ended, before POTF2 arrived on the scene), I am starting a thread about comics from about the 70's to the 80's (when the industry began a seeming decline in quality and content). Who amoungst us recalls those days when most of the comics were story-driven and still (usually) had great art. Before the dark times, before Image.

Not to bash Image too much, as their emergence onto the comic market may well have helped ensure that the industry and the medium survived to this day. But they also ushered in the age of the art-driven, storyline poor comic that prevailed for many years. I've been too jaded to persue much in comics these days (except perhaps Top 10 by Alan Moore, though it has come too a conclusion all too soon at only 12 issues in the regular series). There are still gems amoung the stones, but there was a time when there were far more gems, much more for a READER of comics. A lot of the joy and wonder is gone and it is a shame. What are the feelings of those of you out there who collected comics (or still do to this day)? Another issue that was brought up was the demise of the collectability of comics due to collector/speculator "scalpers" in the 80's and 90's. That is an issue I will address in this thread when I have more time (don't get me started on that one, I was very close to the industry during the emergence of Image and the "value inflation" that nearly killed the market).