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    Cool Tie Fighter Action Fleet SAGA 2002

    Hi everybody,

    A little word to introduce myself : my name is Cyril and i'm an Action Fleet (and other stuff) collector based in Paris in France. I collect AF since 1997.
    My website is :

    Here in Europe and especially on the german retailers listings from HK we have the announcement of an Action Fleet SAGA version of the Tie Fighter for the end of the year.

    Wave one : Falcon, X-wing, damaged X-1 Tie.
    Wave two : damaged Naboo fighter, AT-TE, Solar sailer.
    Wave three : AT-AT, Snowspeeder, Tie fighter (damaged ?).

    As many of you, i hope Hasbro will produce in the future new Micromachines and Characters for the Action Fleet. I noticed that at the last Comic Con, Hasbro's staff answered the question "Why not anymore figure with the ships?" by "for security purpose"... To my opinion, the economical purpose is closer to the truth. Since 1998, Hasbro's is trying not to do the same mistakes they did with the Phantom menace toy line : some figures overproduced, too much lines (6" mega action, 2" asian exclusive, etc...), too much production in general and a great loss of money for the company.
    Nowadays, i understand they didn't want to make too much toys without the assurance that the first waves are selling well but i hope they will make much more interesting things in the future or they'll risk a new bunch of unsold products...

    Well i hope the big "H" designers will read the SSG forum topics. This could maybe help them to find some good ideas !


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    welcome sicqnus!

    acouple of days ago, i had stumbeld upon your excellent web site, and had posted a thread to alert everyone here to check it out!

    i'm glad to see that you have found our little slice of mm heaven!

    once again welcome!
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    Hey Sicqnus

    Nice to see you over here.



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    If you like Action Fleet and Micros, you've come to the right place. I'm somewhat new to this place myself, but I can tell you one thing, these guys have a genuine love for these toys.

    Again, welcome aboard!!

    P.S. You have a WONDERFUL fan site!

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    Hi Glitch, Thanks a lot.
    You may be pleased to know that here in France and also in other countries like Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland and Switzerland, there are many Action Fleet Collectors who loves these babies.
    We want to keep them in their packagings, safe from those little Jawas

    I must tell you my regrets concerning the cancelled awesome prototypes... Your work on the TF shuttle is amazing, and the other ones : Neva Kee's pod, Boles Ror's pod, etc were really great. Its really sad to know their will never be in production.
    I saw a few years ago the prototypes (grey mock-ups) of a terrific Y-Wing fighter and a Star Destroyer. They were very accurate and detailled. I'm looking for anyone who can send me some good pics of these ones.

    I noticed you've posted an article on the upcomming AOTC AF. Well, you're the messiah ! (I think it's the good word to describe a person able to predict the future ;-))
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