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Thread: ebay etiquette

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    Question ebay etiquette

    I was the high bidder for a loose Joh Yowza about 4 days ago on ebay. I always pay immediately after I win, but only after I've established contact with the seller to verify total cost. I used the ebay checkout to request the total from the seller to no avail. I have sent several requests to the seller's email address, all of which have also gone unanswered. I don't want to paypal someone who can't communicate, because I don't want to get burned. On the other hand, I don't want any negative feedback if I don't pay for something I've bid on. My ten days are almost up, what should I do?

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    I'd wait it out, and even if the guy does give you negative feedback, you could always follow it up and explain that the guy isn't trustworthy. I know that isn't much, but I would think it the superior alternative to sending in money and never seeing sight of the figure, right? And you could always complain to eBay, but I've heard they're not all that helpful.
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    What is the big deal about the "N" or negative feedback???

    Ebay is one large buyer beware site and I'm suprised that everyone puts so much faith and stock in a feed back rating, and trust in some stranger on the other side of a computer screen when it comes to cash for good, or an exchange of goods.

    I bought 2 items off of ebay, and once received, neither was what I was originally bidding on. One item got switched during packing on accident and the seller offered a rebate. The other time the item wasn't in as good of condition as listed in the auction, so after wheeling and dealing I got 15% taken off...if I remember correctly.

    In both cases I gave the sellers positive feed back since I was offered money back, even though their advertisment wasn't true. I didn't get what I assumed I was bidding on, and paid more that what I should have for those two items. So I don't trust the seller's rating all that much.

    I'm starting to wonder if people actually surf the net looking for other trading sites and deals instead of living and breathing ebay.

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    I only see E-Bay as a last resort these days, I much prefer to use trading boards on sites like this.
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    You should start an ebay rant forum. manji needs help and complaining about ebay isn't doint the job.

    I have used ebay for 3 years now and have had good sucess on both sides of it. My advice to you is not to worry about him leaving you negative feedback. First of all, lets pretend you don't normally pay by paypal (I don't and I probally won't). So, then you have to send him money in the mail, right? So, you have to know where to send the money. Do you have his mailing address to send the money? If you don't have a single email from him then, you are not responsible for paying this person.

    If it where me I'd email once a day and after about 10 days of zero contact I'd leave him negative feedback first. That way your the one in the right. If he then retaliates by leaveing you negative it will be clear to most competent ebayers that he's just doing it out of spite.

    Don't fret about negative feedback. I've been on for 3 years, and have compiled 5 negative feedbacks. I've always paid and always sent the right items, but some people are never pleased. All my negatives are spitful acts and I have never been harmed by them. I still bid and sell from time to time. So, the moral of the story is follow the 10 day rule and then leave him negative feedback. You can't stop him from screwing you over, but you can recover from it. . I hope this all helps.
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    Thanks, icatch9! That is sound advice, and I appreciate it.

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    I empathize with your plight. For almost three years now I have been both a buyer and a seller on eBay and have experienced much of what you and others have described. And sadly, eBay as a company is of little help in conflict resolution.

    Now, as to your specific case, I say don't pay until the seller gets off of their hands and fulfills their half of the process. One of the things I hate are sellers who, due to real or imagined slights on the part of "deadbeat" buyers take on the mantle of assuming that all buyers are deadbeats until proven otherwise. Their auction ads read like a poison pen letter to all comers. They demand you meet their deadlines, but more often than not, will not be bothered to apply such strict rules to themselves.

    If this guy does not reply, you can certainly argue the case that you cannot pay him if you do not know where to send the money (unless of course his address appears in the email when you use the checkout procedures). Unfortunatly there are so many automatic features now that many sellers have become lazy. Why should they be bothered with emails and personal contact when there are perfectly good checkout and payment services that limit the attention they have to pay to anything.

    I will post more to this thread soon about my thoughts on eBay etiquite and things that those of us who use eBay on a regular basis can do to strengthen the auction community there.
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    I usually buy from sellers I have bought from before and I feel that I can trust. I usually don't spend lots of money on E-Bay unless I have dealt with the person before. Oh well, I'm bidding on some Star Wars Buddies for my dog to chew on, maybe a Jar Jar buddie!
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    I've had very many positive experiences buying on eBay, and a few negative ones. It seems like I'm having more negative experiences lately with sellers than in past years.

    Manji, have you considered looking up this seller's other recently closed auctions and contacting a couple of those buyers to ask if they've had similar experiences / frustrations with the seller?
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    You can also search on ebay for the sellers "contact info". Go up to SEARCH on the main page, then SEARCH FOR MEMBERS. You enter the sellers ebay ID or email address, and the item # you have won from him. The site will then provide you with a contact phone #, if your seller has put one up for viewing. Many people have. Give him a call and see what's going on. Good luck.


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