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    Is Shaak Ti a female?

    While studying World Religions, I came across a Hindu term, "shakti", which means "power of the divine feminine". So I was wondering if Shaak Ti was a female. Does GL just go poking about religious books and crap to come up with names?

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    If not, then he's the Ru Paul of the Star Wars universe.
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    Shaak Ti is female. Kit Fisto is still being argued over, but the figure definately gives off a masculine feel.
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    SHaak-ti looks like Imaan. Kit-fister looks like the baby Will SMith delivers in MIB.

    Definite drag-thing going on with Shaak though, more so than the original POTF Leia.
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    Exclamation Kit Fisto...

    Will be portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg sprayed in green paint!
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    Shaak Ti - female

    Kit Fisto - male (MIB alien = yes)
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    I sure do hope so.
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    it's a pity that Shaak Ti is all bundled up like that in the huge voluminous robes she wears. I was reminded of Bo Derek in TARZAN when i first saw pictures of the full make up. y'know the bit where she's been captured by the tribe and is all painted green with nothing else on? I mean the facial aspect not the naked thing I was reminded that Bo had that same featureless look that Shaak has with an all painted face and black eyes. I'm sure Bo wore black contacts in the movie. i know I'm just reaching here but It did make me go "Oooooh...!" for a moment.

    Oh yeah to answer the question, Shaak is played by a woman so It's a fair bet that she's a female. The costume looks feminine too. But looking at the pictures of Shaak holding a saber I'd say she's a fighting hellcat! ROWWWWR!!! She looks fierce in the movie stills and stuff. Shame the action figure doesn't do her justice though.


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