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    Thumbs up What's your favorite item(s) on the DVD?

    I have to admit that I haven't really delved too deep into the DVD. I've only looked at the trailers, TV ads, music video, and one of the deleted scenes (OK, i've also looked at the outtake clip). So far I think the gag reel is the best thing on the disc. It's not as long as I thought it should/would be, but I dig those multiple shots of R2 falling over, running into people, things, etc.

    I may change my mind once I see the documentary features.
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    So far my favorite features are 'The beginning' documentary and the outtakes gag reel.

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    That they put the new pod race sequence and Coruscant Taxi scenes into the actual movie!!!

    Yes, it's there in TPM: SE!

    Cool stuff! Go Sebulba! Nice flying Annie!

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    The Sandcrawler/Sebulba race in the credits for the Deleted Scenes documentary. Nice to see my favorite characters having some good clean fun.
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    Tuskens taking potshots at Jawas.

    Anything discussing the swordfighting. One of the short docs has Ray Park doing that horizontal flip thing during practice. Watch it a frame at a time. Awesome.

    Anytime Ewan McGregor and Rick McCallum start cussing like sailors! Hello, childrens movie!

    Best blooper: The ishi tib smacks into R2 and pretends like nothing happens which ruins Jake's and Natalie's performance. But everyone keeps going like it s just fine.
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    "The Beginning"

    I love that documentary. "Dude! This going to be F***ing awesome!"
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    I love the whole DVD but my favorite stuff is the Trailer's and TV Spots...
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.


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