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Thread: Arcade Games!!!

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    Thumbs up Arcade Games!!!

    So of all the Arcade games, which ones are your favorites of all time???

    I can say Double Dragon...Gauntlet...Rampage...Commando...Kung Fu Master...Yi-ar-Kung-Fu...Karate Champ...Ikari Warriors...Ring King...Punch Out...Choplifter...Outrun...Street Fighter II...Mortal Kombat...Pole Position...

    Just to name a few...there are lots that for some reason i cant remember their name...anyway...what are your fav arcade games???
    As always...........L

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    I like the shooting ones, like Area 51, Time Crisis, and Crisis Zone. I never liked the fighting ones.

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    Galaga was and will always be the best!

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    Galaga (the one and only)
    Time Pilot
    Battle Zone
    Star Wars
    Out Run

    I don't care for the new games that much at all. Everytime I go to a Dave and Busters I give a racing game a run or 2 and that's about all I can handle. After that I seek out the 1 or 2 classic arcade games they stock and the hand full of pinball games. I have found that I love pinball.

    The one thing that I've noticed about new games that really bugs me is that they are time based not level based. So you pay $1 for 3 minutes of life and no matter how well you do your dead when time expires (unless you pump in another $1). Older games let you play forever if you're good enough on the original $.25 and give you a real sense of accomplishment.
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    To tell the truth, I've never heard of Galaga. Is it an older arcade game?

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    Yes, I believe it came out in '82. It's basically a suped up Space Invaders. I'm sure you've seen it but haven't put the name with it.

    The one thing that sticks out in Galaga vs. Space Invaders is that it's possible to have your ship captured by one of the "insects" with the possibility of getting it back to join with your next ship.

    I also think Galaga was the first game to have a "Bonus Level."
    "No one helped me so why should I help you?" - College professor circa 1999

    By choosing not to decide you still have made a choice.

    I'm in love with the women of Univision.

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    Exciting Hour
    Kung Fu Master
    Dragon's Lair
    and of course the classic vector Star Wars
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    Spy Hunter was the best

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    Spy Hunter
    Star Wars
    Kung Fu Master
    Pole Position II
    Crazy Taxi
    Street Fighter II
    Mortal Kombat
    Dig Dug
    Mr Do
    Bubble Bobble
    Noah's Ark (if you've been to Chuck E. Cheese's, you may have seen this game, it's a small machine for little kids)

    I love pinball, we used to have a machine in the house when I was a kid. I never really got all that good at it, but I love the realness of it. I also like Air Hockey, skee-ball, and pool, but I can't say I'm any good at those either.
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    Hi JediTricks

    Which Star Wars arcade game? The new one or the ROTJ?

    Just Wondering


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