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    Question Vehicles and Beasts

    A few Qs about your collection;

    1) Do you also collect the vehicles and beasts?

    2) Which do you own?

    3) Did you buy them because of the pack-in figure? (if applicable)
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    1) Yes I do

    2) Millenium Falcon, Naboo Starfighter, Anakin's Pod Racer, Sebulba's Pod Racer, TIE Interceptor, Slave 1(AOTC), Jedi Starfighter, Bantha, Luke with Taun Taun, Preview STAP, Ronto with Jawa, Dewback with Sandtrooper, Darth Vader's TIE and the Queen's Royal Starship.

    3) No, pack-ins are cool but I'd never buy a ship just for the pack-in. I want the ship. I love assembling and applying stickers.

    How about you AC?
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    1) Yes
    2) It'd be easier to list what I don't have: Millennium Falcon, '95 AT-ST, TIE Fighter, '95 X-wing.
    3) With POTF2, no.
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    Re: Vehicles and Beasts

    Originally posted by ACPin
    A few Qs about your collection;

    1) Do you also collect the vehicles and beasts?

    2) Which do you own?

    3) Did you buy them because of the pack-in figure? (if applicable)
    1. Yeppers
    2. Jabba w/ Han, Ronto w/ Jawa, Dewback w/ Trooper, A-Wing, '95 X-wing, '95 Landspeeder, '95 AT-ST, Power FX X-wing, Falcon, Snowspeeder, T-16 Skyhopper, TIE Fighter, Darth Vader TIE Fighter, Luke w/ Speederbike, Imperial Scout w/ Speederbike, Swoop Trooper w/ Swoop, Slave 1, EU Snowspeeder, EU Cloud Car, and EU Speederbike.
    3. Nah, it would've been too expensive.
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    1. Some
    2. Jabba w/ Han, Ronto w/Jawa, Dewback w/ Trooper, A-Wing, POTF2 Landspeeder, B-Wing, Skiff, Speederbike (Luke, Leia, and Scout trooper), Wampa w/Luke, Tauntaun w/Luke, AT-AT, Darth Vader's Tie Fighter, POTJ AT-ST w/ Speederbike, SOTE Slave I, Preview STAP
    3. Nope. I'm not a completist.*

    *I tried buying the red R2 unit from the Queen's starship on E-bay, but I'm not paying more than $10 for it.
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    Originally posted by billfremore
    How about you AC?
    1) Yes
    2) All (some multiples that I used for my dioramas)
    3) Nope
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    1.) Yes.

    2.) Beasts: Ronto/Jawa, Dewback/Sandtrooper, Han/Jabba, Luke/Tauntaun, Han/Tauntaun, Luke/Wampa, Jabba/Fake Fode & Beed, Qui-Gon/Opie Sea Creature, Jar Jar/Kaadu, Famba, Reek, and Acklay

    Vehicles: Falcon, all 3 Tie fighters, both X-Wings, Landspeeder, both Slave I's, both AT-ST's, Outrider, all 3 Speeder Bikes, Swoop, AT-AT, both Snowspeeders, Tie-Bomber, STAP, Sith Speeder, A-wing, B-wing, Y-wing, Skiff, and Jedi Starfighter.

    3.) Yes, especially if you count the two carrying cases w/ Wedge and the Scanning Trooper.
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    1) Yes
    2) Electronic Snow Speeder, Landspeeder, Tie Fighter, Speeder Bike (w/ Leia), Jabba the Hutt (w/ Han), and STAP
    3) No
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    1) YES !
    2) 2 X Amidala's Starship, TFTank (cool toy), Y-Wing, Tie Fighter, Tie Bomber (blue/grey and white custom), Skiff (cool), B-Wing (very cool), X-Wing POWER FX (best of all), Vader's Tie (white custom), Naboo fighter (cool), Anakin & Sebulba's pods, Trade Fed droid fighters, Millenium Falcon (custom), A-Wing, T-16, All speederbikes, Stap, Slave One SOTE, AT-ST POTJ, etc...

    Fambaa, Wampa, Eopie, Opee, Tauntaun & Han, Tauntaun & Luke, Bantha, Rancor, Ep1 Jabba, Dewback, Ronto, Battle Wagon, etc.

    3) Doesn't matter. But some of the beasts without figures would be a non-sense.
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    Yes I have all ships since 1995 and no I get them because I think ships are cool
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