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    Thumbs up Hottest babe in the SW universe

    Ok...the question is simple, who is the hottest babe in the SW universe...movies, comics, books, toys...etc.
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    Sy Snootles!! What a babe!!!!
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    Gardula The Hutt,shes one hot Slug!
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    That's easy....

    ....Aunt Beru, after she met up with the stormtroopers
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    Mara Jade,she can be my hand anyday.
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    Kabe (Cantina Bat Creature) is the hands-down winner

    No, in all seriousness, I would have to go with a tie between Oola and Mara Jade. You gotta love their outfits. one in black leather and one in just plain mesh. Yeth!

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    I concur with Sir Robin. I was going to have to say Oola was the hands down sexiest babe in the SW universe, but Mara Jade is right up there too.

    So, Oola wins the on-screen title and Mara (especially as depicted by Sharon Baksa) is the winner of the EU competition!

    GNT beat me to the Gardulla the Hutt reference. As for Obi-Don's appraisal of Aunt Beru, you have to admit she sure lost a lot of weight after the Stormtrooper visit!
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    Yarna d'al Gargan! Woooooo!

    I'd say a toss-up between Padme, Mara, and Slave Leia.

    I did a poll on this back when I used to actually update my site on a semi-regular basis. I believe Padme won it. . . .
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    Originally posted by El Chuxter
    Yarna d'al Gargan! Woooooo!
    Keep your damn hands off her! She's mine! And her 6 boobs too!
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    Originally posted by Mandalorian Candidat

    Keep your damn hands off her! She's mine! And her 6 boobs too!
    Well, i guess three us want her so we will have to share. LEt's see six hands and six....Works for me.

    I will go with either Padme or Guri.
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