I have hinted around to some upcoming new features that will be added to the forums. We will probably be rolling them out in about 2 months as soon as the bugs are worked out. Here is a list of them:

Added Features:

--to the user interface


  • Quick registration system...username, password, email and any required custom fields and timezone

    Pop-up auto-refreshing buddylist with ICQ-style alerts when new buddies come online. You'll find a link in the temp buttons top right in the nav bar.

    Show the title of the last posted to thread for each forum on index.php

    Subscription to Threads/Forum without receiving e-mails

    Favorite threads - you don't get email from these either.

    User reputation rating (not sure if we will turn this on yet)

    User ranking

    Password break-in watches -- too many failed attempts warning with a preset wait after too many failures.

    Threaded view

    Password protected forums

    Similar threads display

    Send an email "thanks for registering and welcome to .." on user registration (welcome email)

    Validity check for homepages

    Search engine friendly archive of open forums

    Happy birthday e-mails

    Much improved calander system (too many changes to mention)

    hit counter on announcements

    Digests: new posts/threads in selected forums daily/weekly/monthly

    "excerpt of message:" are now in the new reply email notifications

    'report post to mod' sends anonymous copy to the original poster of the message

    Restyled FAQ section now looks similar to a forum


  • WYSIWYG Editor for major text input fields (IE 5.5+Only). This works like a word processor. You highlight the text and click the option you want, like bold.

    Minimum number of characters in post

    Insert smilie/vB code where cursor is (IE 5+ Only)

    Preview on edit

    Ability to add attachment when editing a post instead of just when creating

    Reason for editing

    Reason for deleting (for admins and mods)

User CP - Profile

  • User Pictures - user can upload a personal picture. This picture is shown in the profile of the user.

    Completely revamped PM system (currently in work)

    Longer signature field with optional limit


  • Get daily for just one category

    Search only in subscribed forums

    A list of ignored words or words used in a search are added to the results page

    Option to find only started by 'username'

    Display matching forums in results

    Support for searching custom profile fields

    Search for exact username (e.g. turn off wildcards)


  • Option for users to see who voted for which option (public vote)

    When you vote your name is highlighted when viewing results

    Poll results ordered by most to less voted

    Ability to post a poll AFTER a thread had started

  • Hitting the back button no longer necessary when you have too many images

    Option to save cookie *on this computer* when logging in

    Login/logout ability in all pages, with user/pass form -- single login system

And whatever else gets done...