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Thread: Could It Be?

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    Could It Be?

    I was watching the ESB and I thought I saw a glimse of the Hound's Tooth in the releasing of the garbage scene. Is it the Hound's Tooth? Did anybody else see this?
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    What is the Hound's Tooth?
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    That is the back of the Star Destroyer
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    I remember Eternal Padawan (?) talking about this once, I think he was referring to an inconclusive photo from the Chronicles book. But I don't think he was talking about the garbage scene.
    Anyway, I agree that it isn't the Tooth (Bossk's ship, right?)

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    I always thought I saw the Mist Hunter in the Alliance fleet at the end of the movie. I've never noticed the Hound's Tooth in the films...but you have to think they got the idea for it SOMEWHERE in the films, so maybe it IS in the garbage scene.

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    If it's there, I'm sure it's because the "creator" of the Hound's Tooth based it on an unnamed background ship from ESB. Same goes for the Mist Hunter.
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    I hate it when they name something after an earth animal, a hound is a dog!
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    Originally posted by Jek Porky 2002
    I hate it when they name something after an earth animal, a hound is a dog!
    Well there are Earth animals in Star Wars so it isn't that strange to name something after one. Luke had a dog in one of the early drafts, there are ducks in TPM and Lion statues. I'm sure there are more earth animals that I've missed.

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    During the parade on a huge archway on Naboo there are horse statues. Oh no, Earth-like birds!!!
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    We've also seen rats in ROTJ and a large bird of prey in ANH, and it always makes me cringe to see them!
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