The Semi-Finals end with this fight tonight, and we have one hell of a match-up for you!

The best ship of the Prequels will be decided tonight as the Naboo Defense Force's N-1 Starfighter takes on Jango Fett's Firespray dubbed Slave-One!

Padme Amidala takes the controls for this Attack from "Clones" and we see her bright yellow N-1 comes loaded with exciting lights and sounds. The ship makes a very awesome fly-bye roar past you, as well as breaks the silence of many of the later additions to the vehicle collection with some rapidly firing green laser cannons! In case that's not enough to defend the Senator, a proton torpedo fires hard and launches rapidly away from the ship to destroy Padme's enemies! The cockpit holds one pilot action figure, and also has a place to connect the Pilot Anakin Skywalker's flight control panel accessory. This gives figures a throttle and firing stick they can actually hold to command the craft. Finally, when the tail flare is added to the craft (for its basic assembly) the ship is longer than any other Star Wars fightercraft, with nice flowing lines and a cool, vintage craftsman look. In the Preliminary Rounds the N1 defeated the Trade Federation Droid Fighters 59 - 10 for a victory with 85% of the vote. The N-1 then went on to beat Sebulba's Podracer in the Quarterfinals 112-35 for a win with 76% of the vote.

Padme faces the 3 seat Firespray Class patrol and attack craft that Jango Fett has packed with hidden features. To start with, there's no tracking all of them! If you manage to attach a tracking device onto the hull of Slave-One, it's onboard systems will detect it and by flipping a pannel on the toys fuselage, you can instantly destroy any detection devices, or repair the ship to "brand new." What's more impressive is the firepower packed in this baby! After manually rotating the craft's stabalizer wings into flight position for fast manuevering, hit the hidden weapons control knob to pop open a secret hatch to reveal a quadruple firing rapid launching missle system! And it really works! Extra missles are stored in the back so you can always find the firepower you will need to hunt Jango Fett's prey. But sometimes you gotta scare them out a little - that's ok too. Slave One comes with 4 rapid release plasma charges that can also be deployed like space mines just in case it gets a little harder to pin point your quarry. Or if the contract says dead-or-alive, use them in combination with the missles to just blast them into one big disintegration! It's tough to outmatch or outgun Hasbro's all-new Slave-One!" This ship beat its pilot's own son's ship, Boba Fett's Slave-One 109-44 to storm ahead with 71% of the vote. Previously, this ship killed Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter 71-42, carrying 62% of the vote in a tougher match for Slave-One during the Preliminaries.

So now which toy will it be? The best of all the prequel vehicles to make it this far: the electronic-effects Naboo Fighter or the fully-armed Slave-One?

You make the pick!