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    Guardianship of Young Boba

    Who will become the guardian of Boba Fett, or will his involvement in Ep3 be a solo effort?

    Do you suspect he'll engage in combat of sorts and act as spy for Dooku?

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    the Kaminoans are the perfect caretakers for Boba. He already has an apartment!
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    I think Boba will go back to Kamino and have Lama Sue genetically speed up his growth so he'll be big enough to be a threat. And big enough to fit in daddy's clothes.
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    I wonder how he will be placed in this next episode. Maybe he will have a new dad reprogrammed from one of the clones. Because, didn't they say they are programmed mentally. Can that be undone after they are grown?
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    I think Boba will go solo and during this time he is starting to get feared in the Galaxy and yes I think he will go back to Kamino but I don't think for speeding growth or a new father but for other buisness.
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