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    Green Clone Trooper

    I know that we're still waiting for the Pilot Clone to come out, but who would like to see a green Clone afterwoods, nobody ever seems to talk about them, but I think they look cool!

    Also can someone tell me the Clone ranks, I can't always remember?

    These are the ones I know:

    White: Infantry
    Yellow: Pilot
    I know there are two types of yellow Clone, but I don't know what one of them is
    Red: Don't Know
    Green: Don't know

    Can someone help?
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    Just saw this in the new SW Insider...
    Yellow: Commander
    Red: Captain
    Green: Sergeant
    Blue: Lieutenant
    I don't see any mention of two types of yellow though...

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    jangofeet, the two types of yellow clones are pilot and commander...and yes id love to see every rank of c.t. made including some more white ones

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    Can't wait for the deluxe Clone!!!
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    anyone have a pic of the green and blue clones? I dont remember seeing in the movie?
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    I dont think that Hasbro will make green/blue clones anytime soon, because we have the clone with speederbike and the Yellow clone pilot coming out. I would gladly welcome them in 2003 or 2004 though!
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    Originally posted by JangoFeet
    Just saw this in the new SW Insider...
    Yellow: Commander
    Red: Captain
    Green: Sergeant
    Blue: Lieutenant
    I don't see any mention of two types of yellow though...
    Those ranks are totally bogus based on what we saw in the film. If the Green Clones were Sergeants then there should have been at least one of them for every five White Clones. I only saw Yellow and Red actually on the Battlefield (along with the multitude of White). The Green and Blue should have been almost as common as the White grunts (1 Green for 5 Whites, 1 Blue for 40 Whites), with the occasional Red and the scarce Yellow.

    I think whoever came up with that has no concept of military rank structure and just pulled something out of his
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    I've never seen any blue white ones, but you can see at least one green one when the Clones are collecting thier helmets of that convier belt inthe Clone Centre, but they are not the green I expected, they are a light, yellowie green, the only word I can think of to describe them is a tropical green.
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    White is grunt
    Red is sergeant
    Yellow is pilot and commander
    Blue and green are gunners?

    Yellow Clone trooper.
    - pilot, on his helmet is a star/snowflake-esque emblem.
    - commander, is w/o this

    Blue and Green Clone Trooper.

    In the movie, when Yoda pipes up (at the forward command)
    "concentrate all your fire on the nearest starship"
    and it switches to the biggun view as they fire on "sector 515"
    Is there not a green trooper manning the controls? and when the ship comes down, it shows a view of outside, looking in - the control room: through the glass. A blue trooper?

    HOLY! hmmmmm *just noticed this*
    anyone else has downloaded the movie? for referances (after seeing it in the theatre of course)
    When Dooku takes off from the hanger, then the ravine(sp?) chase begins look back to when he leaves the hangar.. The foreground, after he takes off.. It looks like Darth Vader! I've played it back and forth 10 times, it looks like Vader

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    I've not seen it myself, but it's been brought up on here a few times, it's a white Vader suit, but it's slightly different, maybe it's a clue, maybe Vader's suit is based on these.
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