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    I'll see you in Hell

    If Han tells one of the Taun Taun handlers, "Then I'll see you in Hell!" as he rides out of Echo Base, does that mean that there is a Heaven and Hell in the Star Wars universe?
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    Sure is!
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    In ANH, Uncle Owen says that if those droids on the south range aren't repaired by midday, there will be hell to pay. Perhaps "Hell" is merely a really crappy planet that has been touted as being so bad that it's become mythically thoguht of as the worst spot in the galaxy.
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    Or it's just a cruel term for the afterlife, I'm sure they believe in the afterlife in SW, but probably not heaven or hell.
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    I put my vote in for the "Hell = worst planet in the galaxy" theory.
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    Does that mean the best planet in the galaxy is known as Heaven?

    Almost everywhere has a religion and in most religions there is a Heaven and Hell so it doesn't seem that strange that they believe in them.

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    Yep - the afterlife. We HEAR the characters speaking in English, but they're speaking the "basic" language of the SW Universe, I believe. In basic there probably exists good and bad forms of afterlife - translated into English for us as Heaven and Hell.

    Im not sure where I got this, by the way. I think when reading novelizations of the movies they describe the language Luke, Han, Leia et. al. use as "basic".

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    It is officially known as basic.

    Anyway I think Hell is actually a term for the after life for the people who don't believe in the force, or maybe they believe that if you are good you become one with the force and are at piece, but if you are bad you go to hell and suffer, but I definatly don't think it's a planet.
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    I have a feeling that the SW universe has a tremendous diversity of religion. Obviously, Corellians have a system that takes into account the afterlife, and the baddies definitely go downstairs. I doubt Han Solo is much of a believer in any religion (except the Force). He seems pretty skeptical by nature.
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    Well anakin asks padme if she's an angel. I'm sure there's some belief system in place.


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